Most of us are not happy about the way we look, especially when we lack height. It is common to find short people, both men, and women lacking in self-esteem and confidence. Genes contribute primarily to our lack of height because of the part played by the human growth hormone.

HGH plays a significant role in the development of long bones and cartilage, which is crucial for our height. Some of the other known causes for us being short could be diet, hormones, poor posture (vertebral compression), etc.

There are several stretching exercises available that help to increase height. Yoga asanas as sun salutations also play a vital role in helping to increase height. There are umpteen easy ways to increase height fast at home (for girls and boys).

A balanced diet with a healthy lifestyle is a must, along with exercises such as yoga, swimming to gain those elusive inches in our height. One must be diligent in whatever method one chooses to increase height as this is something that cannot occur overnight, but requires disciplined practice.

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