Halasana (Plow Pose) – How to do and Benefits

The halasana yoga pose or plow pose is one of the most beneficial yoga postures for recovering your body from a number of internal pains and revitalizing your nervous system. This type of asana will make your body agile and flexible and help you relax a lot as well. It has been proved that performing this asana while going through a stressful environment can effectively reduce excessive stress and provide you with peace of mind and confidence.

Experts recommend performing the plow posture as well as other yoga poses daily for living a healthy and graceful life. Compared to the other poses the halasana is an advanced one.

Halasana (Plow Pose) - How to do and Benefits
‘Hala’ means ‘plow’ and ‘asana’ means ‘posture or pose’. Hence halasana is also called the plow yoga posture or pose. This particular yoga posture can revitalize the body for inside and is good for the blood cells as well. If you’re suffering from a major disease performing this yoga pose can make you healthy again.

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How To Do Halasana?

This is one of the most advanced yoga poses and to be completely honest, it’s not an easy one. You will need a carpet, a pair of stretch pants and a mind willing capable enough to bear the pain of the stretching.

First of all, lie on the carpet with your arms restricted to the sides. Raise your leg at a 90-degree angle. Then thrust the palms and raise the waist slowly by keeping the angle of leg intact. Bend the waist so that your toes touch the floor to the back of your head and rest it for a while.

The movement must be a slow one or else if you’re a beginner, you might hurt yourself. Keeping the legs straight is crucial while performing this yoga posture. While you’re extending the legs towards the floor opposite to your head, make sure that you use the big toes to touch the ground very slowly.

Keep good pressure on your waist and hands so that you can maintain a proper balance. Use the shoulder blade to balance the body weight and shift both your hands over the head. Join the fingers and relax the elbows.

Now, move your body forward, just a little and put your thumb toes forward. Count from 1 to 100 while you maintain this position and after those 100 counts you will get an awesome burn. After completing the count, put the fingers above the head and press the palms against the floor and slowly bring the whole body to the floor to the starting position.

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Benefits Of Halasana:

This yoga posture can successfully clear constipation and many other stomach disorders. This movement can reduce belly fat effectively as well. Halasana will nourish the inner organs of the body such as the thyroid, pancreas, spleen, kidney, etc. If you have high blood pressure then this yoga posture can successfully stabilize the blood-sugar levels.

For women, the halasana can cure menstrual disorders.

This asana can improve memory and the ability to remember. It stretches the spine and keeps the back free from problems that may come with age. Your lung capacity is also increased.

Tip – Proper inhaling and exhaling should be performed with the halasana.

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