Guide for Deepak Chopra Meditation

Deepak Chopra has written more than 70 books out of which 21 has been New York Times best sellers. He is the founder of Chopra Center for Well being and had recently tied up with Oprah Winfrey for a 21 Day Meditation Experience. This was an online program which had involved millions of people from across the nations to assemble together and have an experience of peace and relaxation. First of all people need to remove the barriers which they possible think could obstruct them to meditate. Deepak Chopra lays down 7 Myths of Meditation which you need to overcome before you start meditating.

Guide for Deepak Chopra Meditation

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The Full Guidance of Deepak Chopra Meditation:

1. Meditation is Difficult:

The first obstacle is the conception that people have about meditation. They feel that it is difficult and it is only meant for saints and spiritual people. When you have a proper guide you would realize that meditation is fun. Initially you just have to focus on an object or charm a mantra or just breath deep. Meditation seems difficult because we need to concentrate and sometimes we don’t know if what we are doing is right on wrong.

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2. You Have to Have a Quiet Mind for Proper Meditation:

People often get frustrated when they cannot maintain their concentration during meditation. They start getting thoughts which gets them diverted, but that is absolutely fine. You are bound get thoughts and you shouldn’t push them away, but slowly get back to the object, mantra or your breath, whichever you are stressing on for the meditation.

3. It Takes Years of Practice to Get Benefited from Meditation:

People think that meditation would be a slow process and that makes it time consuming. They think that results would be pretty late and thus they don’t even give it a try! Well, the truth is that you can feel the difference from the first day or within the first few days of meditation. You start feeling less stressed, less anxious and there would be an improvement in your concentration.

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4. Meditation is Escapism:

A lot of people indulge into meditation thinking that they could escape from their personal issues for a while, but the truth is that meditation goes beyond the ever changing external circumstances of life. It is a moment where you get thoughts on memories of the past, and fears of the future and that is when you get aware about yourself all the more. You redeem your deepest self through these thoughts and it helps to get your life organized.

5. Not Having Enough Time for Meditation:

Busiest of executives and proprietors don’t miss their meditations but still some of us feel that we cannot take out time for meditation. Well even a few minutes of meditation is better than not meditating at all. When we meditate our heart beats slower, our mind is aware, our blood pressure drops done and body decreases stress which make us realize that during the other times we are subjected to a feeling that we are always running out of time.

6. Meditation Require Religious Beliefs:

Meditation doesn’t require you to believe a particular religion. It is beyond the religious conflicts and even atheists practice meditation. It is only to have a quiet time with yourself discovering the inner you and making you understand life in a better and bigger aspect. A lot of people also meditate for better well being and to excel whatever they do in their daily lives.

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7. Expectation of Transcendent Experience:

People are upset when they don’t get extraordinary results from meditation like visions, choir of angels, visualizing colors, etc. We do have feeling of bliss and quietness but those aren’t the main motive of meditation. The important part is how your daily lives are changed with the help of meditation. You tend to realize that you become creative, compassionate, centered and loving.