GM Diet Plan Day 1: Rules and Meal Plan

The GM diet or the General Motors Diet Plan is a 7-day weight loss program that promises to help you lose around 6.8 Kgs in just one week. On each day, you will be required to consume foods of a specific food group that are low in calories and high in complex carbohydrates. Today, we shall look into GM Diet Plan Day – 1 to understand how to plan, what to eat, what can you expect by the end of the day, along with a sample meal plan.

GM Diet Plan Day 1: Rules and Meal Plan


How to Prepare Your Body for GM Diet Day 1?

GM Diet Day 1 Sample Meal Plan

GM Diet Day 1 Exercises

Foods to Avoid on GM Diet Day 1

Why this Works?

How Will you Feel at the End of GM Diet Day 1?


How to Prepare Your Body for GM Diet Plan Day 1?

On the Day 1 of GM Diet Plan, you will be required to consume only fruits and no other solids from outside this food group. So, prepare your taste buds accordingly! To make your day more interesting, you can combine a variety of fruits and have them at different times of the day. Fruits like Melons are highly recommended, while Bananas are a strict no-no!

There is no maximum limit of fruits on this day. So, you can have them whenever you are hungry. Also, you must drink 8-10 glasses of water throughout the day to avoid getting dehydrated.

NOTE: Experts recommend eating a carbs-rich diet the day before to energize the body and prepare it well for the diet program. Take up lighter exercises instead of workouts which strain your body and cause fatigue.

GM Diet Day-1 Meal Plan:

GM Diet Plan Day 1: Rules and Meal Plan

As mentioned earlier, 1st Day of GM Diet plan is loaded with fruits. So, instead of sticking to one particular fruit, you can cover a variety of fruits to make your diet more interesting and get wholesome nutrition from each of them.

The Indian version of GM Diet Day-1 is not very different from the original diet due to the commonality of fruits available. You are free to use locally available fruits instead of the ones mentioned in the plan.

Let us now look into a sample GM Diet Day 1 Meal Plan:


You can start your day with one medium-sized apple, a few slices of melons or one plum or one whole orange. Consume 1-2 Glasses of Water.

Mid-Morning Snack:

Don’t get tempted to eat some popcorn or chips for your mid-morning snack. Instead, consume one bowl of diced Papaya or musk melon. Have 1-2 Glasses of water.


Depending on your hunger level, you can eat 1 or 2 bowls of cut watermelon for lunch. Again, drink 1-2 glasses of water. This can keep you full for a long time.

Evening Snack:

Stay away from Pakodas or Bujiyas! Instead, eat one whole plum/orange/sweet lime or chico fruit, followed by 1-2 glasses of water. You can also have coconut water.


End your day with a light fruit dinner that comprises of ½ Cup Watermelon and 2 glasses of water.

NOTE: You are allowed to consume 2-3 Bowls of GM Diet Soup along with the foods mentioned above.

GM Diet- Day 1 Exercises:

Experts advise against performing heavy exercises on the 1st day of GM Diet plan, as doing so can drain out your energy quickly and give you fatigue. Instead, go for light exercises like warmups, Yoga or walking (for no more than 30-45 minutes) which can keep you active and speed up the weight loss results simultaneously.

Foods to Avoid on GM Diet-Day 1:

To achieve the desired output from the program, you are advised to stay away from these foods on 1st Day of GM Diet

  • Vegetables of any kind
  • Dense fruits like Bananas
  • Starchy foods like Potatoes
  • Junk Food
  • Sodas
  • Alcohol
  • Fruit Juices
  • Canned Fruits
  • Meat
  • Rice, Grains or Cereals
  • Dairy

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Why This Works?

So how does this all-fruit diet on GM Diet Day 1 help you? According to the proponents who talk high about this diet,

  • Fruits are laden with natural sugars that can reduce hunger cravings
  • The high amounts of fiber present in fruits can speed up the digestion process and promote better bowel movements.
  • Fruits are low-calorie foods and can keep you feeling full for a long time
  • Consuming high amounts of water can flush out the toxins, hydrate the body and cleanse the entire system

In turn, these aspects support quicker weight loss results, along with preparing the body for the next 6 days of the GM Diet program.

How Will You Feel at the End of GM Diet- Day 1?

By the end of Day 1, you might feel slightly sluggish due to the sudden change in your diet. Also, it is common to experience the feeling of monotony of diet, but do not get tempted to sneak in other foods! Some people also complain of mild headaches, loss of energy and cravings for regular foods. You can easily overcome these feelings by staying determined and focussed on your goals.

So, that’s how your 1st day of GM Diet plan is going to be like! At the end of this day, you will be excited to know that you have achieved a milestone in this 7-day program and are ready to face another day tomorrow. If you experience any other symptoms like vomiting, diarrhea etc. please consult a doctor before you proceed further!

DISCLAIMER: The content written in this article is purely for the informational purpose(s) only and is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice. Before trying out any new diet plan, including the one mentioned in this article, you must seek the advice of a physician or a trained medical practitioner.


1. Is Herbal tea allowed on Gm Diet plan- Day 1?

Ans: Yes! Some people prefer adding Herbal teas to a GM diet plan. Make sure that the tea contains no dairy, added sugar or flavors. Also, limit their intake to a maximum of 2 cups a day to avoid acidity and gastrointestinal discomfort. Stay away from coffee or black coffee by all means!

2. I feel hungry in between meals. Can I eat something?

Ans: When you are on the GM diet plan, you must stick to the food group of that particular day. So, if you are hungry in-between meals on say, Day 1, then you can add another fruit. You must not venture beyond the specified list of foods, as doing so may interfere with the metabolic rate and your goals at the end.

3. Can I eat dry fruits on Gm Diet Day-1?

Ans: No dry fruits or even canned fruits are strictly not allowed in this diet. They are calorie-dense foods and must be avoided throughout the program. You are advised to eat only fresh fruits in whole or cut forms. Fruit juices are also not recommended as they contain less amounts of fiber compared to a fruit.