GM Diet Day 2 Meal Plan: Way to Lose Excess Weight with Vegetables

The 7-Day GM Diet Plan aims to help you reduce a significant amount of weight (up to 6.5 kgs) in just one week. Each day is dedicated to eating foods from a particular food group that are low in calories and high in dietary fiber, complex carbohydrates etc. In this article, we shall learn about the planning and preparation needed for GM Diet Plan – Day 2.

As you read along, you will understand about the foods to eat, foods to avoid, sample meal plan, exercises etc. Also, get to know what you can expect by the end of Day 2 in a GM Diet program.


How to Prepare Your Body for GM Diet Day 2?

GM Diet Day 2 Sample Meal Plan

GM Diet Day 2 Exercises

Foods to Avoid on GM Diet Day 2

Why this Works?

How Will you Feel at the End of GM Diet Day 2?


GM Diet Day 2 Meal Plan: Way to Lose Excess Weight with Vegetables

How to Prepare Your Body for GM Diet – Day 2?

The preparation for GM Diet – Day 2 starts on the 1st Day of the program, which is all about consuming fruits. So, make sure you follow all the rules and regulations of the diet to keep yourself active and light. Also, don’t forget to drink the recommended amount of 8-10 glasses of water to stay hydrated.

Coming to Day 2, you will be required to consume a strict vegetable diet that can be eaten raw, baked or boiled. This way, your body will get a healthy dose of starch, fiber and carbohydrates to stay energized. So stock up on a variety of vegetables to get started!

NOTE: You are not allowed to add more than add a drop or two of olive oil or butter to cook your vegetables.

GM Diet – Day 2 Meal Plan:

The 2nd day of GM Diet comprises of eating just vegetables. You can eat any variety except peas, corn and beans. Also, include plenty of fresh green leafy vegetables for added benefits. To try the Indian version of GM Diet – Day 2, you can replace exotic veggies like lettuce, broccoli etc., with locally available varieties like Cabbage, Cauliflower etc.

Let us now look into the Sample Meal Plan of GM Diet – Day 2:


Start your day with 1 or 2 Boiled Potatoes. This can give you a quick boost of energy required to face the rest of the day. Don’t add salt and try not to combine it with butter, oil etc. Consume 1-2 glasses of water.

Mid-Morning Snack:

You can have a light, water-rich vegetable like spinach, lettuce, boiled cabbage etc. This can subside your hunger levels without adding too many calories. Don’t miss out on drinking a glass or two of water.


You can combine 3-4 varieties of vegetables and make a salad. Try adding tomatoes, cucumber, lettuce or cabbage, beetroot, asparagus etc. Say no to Mayo or ready made dressing. Instead, add some lime juice, just a dash of salt and some pepper to make it a satisfying meal. Drink one glass of water.

Evening Snack:

Have a bowl of steamed Caulifower or Brocolli with stems on. Drink one more glass of water.


You can make dinner more interesting my roasting veggies like capsicum, carrots, Broccoli, Mushrooms, tomato, herbs etc. with less than one spoon of olive oil, a dash of salt (optional) and some pepper or spice powder. Drizzle some lime juice for added taste!


  • You are allowed to consume 2-3 Bowls of GM Diet Soup in between.
  • You can also replace plain water with coconut water, lime water, etc. to get a quick boost of energy.
  • Restrict potatoes or sweet potatoes to breakfast. Having them in excess may disturb the output.

GM Diet Day – 2 Exercises:

On Day 2, you are supplying good amounts of carbohydrates from foods like Potatoes. So, you can take up slightly strenuous exercises like jogging, running, planks, etc. However, if the lightheadedness from Day-1 prolongs to Day-2, then take it easy for the day and don’t strain your body. You can also continue simple workouts like walking, Yoga, stretching etc. if you want to move your body a little bit.

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Foods to Avoid on GM Diet – Day 2:

Here is a list of foods you must strictly say NO to on the 2nd day of GM Diet Plan:

  • Fruits
  • Vegetables like Green Peas, corn, beans, legumes
  • Oil more than 1-2 tbsp
  • Dairy
  • Alcohol
  • Sweeteners
  • Salad Dressing
  • Mayonnaise
  • Eggs
  • Meat

Why This Works?

The reason behind prescribing vegetables on Day- 2 is to neutralize the high amounts of sugars acquired from the fruit diet on Day 1. Also, on Day 1, your body has a deficit of carbohydrates which will be fulfilled on the 2nd day. The dietary fiber from vegetables can speed up the digestion process and improve the functionality of your gastrointestinal tract.

How Will You Feel At the End of GM Diet – Day 2?

By the end of Day 2, you are likely to feel active and energetic. However, you may still have a lingering headache from Day 1. You will also appreciate eating cooked vegetables after consuming a heavy dose of fruits on the previous day.

However, if you have a sweet tooth, you might miss digging your teeth into a piece of fruit or dessert. If that is the case, you can try eating some cherry tomatoes to satisfy your cravings.

Incase you face any side effects like vomiting, diarrhea, urine discoloration or any abnormal symptoms, please check with your doctor immediately!

So, we are now done with GM Diet – Day 2 and can proceed to Day 3. But before that, tell yourself that you have finished 2 our of 7 milestones to achieve your goal! Continue that passion and determination on the next 5 days as well.

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DISCLAIMER: The content written in this article is purely for the informational purpose(s) only and is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice. Before trying out any new diet plan, including the one mentioned in this article, you must seek the advice of a physician or a trained medical practitioner.


1. Can I add Onion to my salads?

Ans: Yes! Onions are allowed in your salads and soups. If you don’t like the raw taste, roast them on a pan or in the oven and add them to your meal. They also add some sweetness to your otherwise bland diet.

2. Why can’t we have beans or corn on Day -2 of GM Diet?

Ans: Foods like legumes, soya, corn, lentils etc. are high in protein which can interfere with this diet. So, it is better to avoid these foods. Instead, explore a new variety of veggies like asparagus, arugula, celery, amaranthus etc. which can add a crunch and some delicious taste to your meal.

3. Are pickled vegetables allowed on Gm Diet – Day 2?

Ans: No! Pickled vegetables are high in sodium and preservatives that are not good to have on this day. Also, avoid Indian pickles which are laden with salt, excess spice and oil.