Geranium Benefits And Uses For Skin And Health

Geranium is a popular herb and has great properties when it comes to its aroma. Geranium herb is usually used for preparation of essential oil and that is the form in which it is usually available in the market. The extensive use of geranium in aromatherapy is what makes it worthy and quite known among the population. The entire plant and not only the flowers can be used for the production of the oil. This excludes the roots though. Through steam distillation process, the oil is extracted and packed for use. The beauty of the geranium plant is an added use for decorative purposes.

Geranium Benefits And Uses For Skin And Health

Geranium is one of the nature’s gifts that has innumerable uses and properties. The best part is that it is completely safe and natural for use. Starting from the medicinal benefits, geranium also has good advantages for the skin and the hair.

Uses And Benefits Of Geranium:

To know all the benefits of geranium associated with it, you can check this top notch guide below. It will make you aware of what exactly you can expect from geranium use.

1. Antiseptic Properties:

Along with being antiseptic in nature, geranium is also anti bacterial and anti fungal. This helps in keeping the skin away from infections and also treats the same. It also ensures prevention of bacteria accumulation in wounds. This is one of the common and effective benefits of geranium.

2. Good For Immunity:

The anti microbial qualities of this liquid makes it perfect for boosting the immunity levels. It helps the defensive cells in the body to become strong that helps them in dealing with all challenges in the right manner.

3. Diuretic Benefits:

It helps in flushing out the excessive urine from the bladder which also removes the toxic materials and dangerous fluids that might hamper the functions later on. This is again one of the advantages to look forward to. It keeps the colon and excretory system clean and in proper shape.

4. Helps In Enhancing Metabolism:

The cytophyactic properties in geranium oil are what will help you in achieving this goal. It will ensure a good boost to the metabolism. This ensures not only a healthy weight and burning of extra calories but also good health for the cells of the body. It will restore new cells and flush out the dead or damaged cells.

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5. Prevention Of Neuro Diseases:

Along with making the microglial cells active, geranium also helps in facilitation of the release of nitric oxide. This helps in prevention of any inflammation in the neuro cells keeping all problems of degeneration away. Dementia, Alzheimer’s and many such fatal neuro diseases and disorders can be prevented with this liquid.

6. Cures Respiratory Problems:

Starting from nose infection to sore throat and a lot more respiratory problems can be treated with a simple use of geranium in the natural setting. This is yet another of the benefits for common health ailments of the respiratory system.

Geranium Benefits And Uses For Skin And Health

7. Treatment Of Issues In Women:

Something as simple and common like menstrual cramps and something as serious as postmenopausal syndrome in women can all be brought under proper control with the good use of geranium every day. In fact, this herb is perfect for women no matter what kind of crises they go through.

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8. Anti Depressant Qualities:

By relieving the stress, anxiety and tension in the mind, the geranium herb and oil helps in giving the anti depressant qualities to the body without any medications. It will surely make you feel relaxed and free from worries for a while.

9. Skin Cleansing:

Add a few drops of geranium oil or geranium flowers in the bath. This will help in deep cleansing the skin well. It can also be used directly on the skin. This leaves the skin radiant and clear of dirt and extra sebum production.

10. Best Anti-Hemorrhagic Agent:

Geranium is one of those natural products that is known to be an excellent anti-hemorrhagic agent. It can put a stop to this sudden medical condition. It is a styptic that helps in contracting veins and arteries and stop the normal flow of blood. On the other hand, the hemostatic properties of geranium helps in faster blood clot and thus averts infections and cures wounds.

11. It’s Vermifugal:

The benefits of geranium comes for the kids in the form of it being vermifugal. This might sometimes be advantageous for adults also. The intestinal worms can be removed with this particular benefit.

12. Geranium Is Vulnerary:

The geranium oil is vulnerary in nature. This means that geranium health benefits includes faster healing process of surgical incisions as well as wounds. The antibacterial, antimicrobial, hemostatic and cytophylactic properties is what makes it vulnerary.

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13. Treats Skin Disorders:

Geranium is supposed to be cicatrisant in nature. This is especially valid for the the essential oil extracted from geranium. Any form of skin disorders like eczema, fungal infections, dermatitis, acne and rashes can be treated with its application on a regular basis. This makes the skin healthy and flawless.

14. Astringent Properties of Geranium:

The astringent properties of geranium is something that cannot be avoided while talking about the top benefits. The muscle contractions are really boosted with the application of geranium. This gives a firm and a toned look to the skin. It is something that can be used on a daily basis without any side effects.

Geranium Benefits And Uses For Skin And Health

15. It’s A Natural Deodorant:

The aromatic properties of geranium makes it perfect not only for aromatherapy but also as a natural deodorant. The pleasing and uplifting smell is sure to keep you fresh and going all day long. The aroma of the geranium oil is such that is stays for long periods of time. Also, it is not at all harsh on the skin. The antibacterial properties has a dual benefit of keeping the body odor away thus saving you the embarrassment.

Apart from these, geranium helps in stimulating sebum for hair growth and nourishes and hydrates the skin well. In fact, it also helps in treating various women’s issues like relief from premenstrual cramps.

Along with health benefits of geranium, it also has various advantages for the skin and overall well-being. In fact, it also has some great properties for the hair. The easiest form of geranium for comfortable use comes in the form of geranium essential oil. Use the oil daily for best benefits.