Comprehensive Guide to Bladder Cancer: Symptoms and Causes

In the pelvis region of our body is an inflated balloon like structure that houses all the wastewater from our body. This is known as the bladder where all the waste from the kidney is filtered and mixed in with the body water to form urine which then gets stored inside the bladder until it’s full. Just like any other body part, even the bladder can be the victim of cancer as it is medically the disease of bladder cancer.Comprehensive Guide to Bladder Cancer: Symptoms and Causes
In bladder cancer, the cancerous tumours or tissues form in the lining of the bladder which in the worst scenarios may spread to the other muscles and tissues nearby. Based on this very expansion one can judge the type of bladder cancer the victim is suffering.

Usually the cancer tissue forms on the inner lining of the bladder and if it remains in its position on the inside, it is known as the superficial or non-muscle-invasive bladder. This is not deadly and can be cured, but if the tissues spread outwards of the muscle then it is termed muscle-invasive bladder cancer which is harmful and deadly.

There are often symptoms by which this can be judged. Before the simple cancer tissues can spread into the outside of the bladder.

Symptoms And Causes of Bladder Cancer:

This article will guide you about are main causes (reasons) and signs or symptoms of bladder cancer in men and women that make you aware of this problem.

Bladder Cancer Symptoms:

Here are some signs and symptoms one should look out for.

1. Frequent Runs to The Bathroom:

When all the waste from the kidney is excreted, it mixes in with water and gets stored in the bladder in the form of urine. Since there is some discomfort or e disability in the bladder region, one of the symptoms may be frequent urination or disability to hold in urine. This is primarily due to the physical disability of the storage holder.

2. Irritation:

The next bladder cancer symptom is realized if someone experiences irritation, pain or a stinging feeling while urination. The medical term for this is dysuria stating painful urination. This discomfort during urine can also however be related to urinary tract infection so it is better to go for a thorough checkup.

3. Blood:

Another condition surrounding urination consists of the release of blood through urine. Haematuria or blood in urine is usually experienced by the bleeding tumour in the bladder at an early stage. However, it is not really accompanied by pain. The bleeding comes and goes but if you experience bleeding at abnormal times make sure you get a checkup done.

4. Lower Back Pain:

The bladder is located in the lower body region of our body edging towards the abdomen. Therefore, if any discomfort or problem has arrived in the bladder region often at times it might affect the surrounding muscles, the reason why one might experience lower body muscle pain.

5. Swelling of Lower Body Part:

As the tumour or cancerous cells spread certain muscles in the near vicinity are bound to get affected which is why a swelling in the lower body part might be a normal scenario.

6. Swelling of Pelvic Region:

Along with back muscle pain, the pelvic area might experience mild swelling along with muscle and bone pain. This might be yet another symptom of bladder cancer.

7. Weight Loss:

People often say losing weight is no easy job but gaining weight is. Often when our body goes through life-changing problems such as ovarian cancer bladder cancer or even a cerebral matter, our body on cue starts losing significant pounds, as if to warn us of the coming calamity. If you are experiencing immense weight loss don’t be happy, get a check-up immediately, this might be a symptom of bladder cancer.

8. Blood Clots in The Urine:

Among all the bladder cancer symptoms discussed above, this is the most happening one. Almost everyone suffering from bladder cancer experience this. Blood clots in the urine are really painful and are often the most sighted symptom in men. Men with prostate gland enlargement also have the same kind of symptom.

9. Not Being Able to Pass Urine:

One of the most overpowering bladder cancer symptoms is not being able to pass urine. One will feel the need to urinate and will run to the bathroom pretty often (already discussed) but there won’t be any flow of urine. This will lead to internal lower body suffocation and can result in a number of breakouts.

10. The Unilateral Side Pain:

A person suffering from bladder cancer will face this symptom. This is one of the most serious problems in people with this disease. The pain takes place in one side of the body, whereas the other side is totally fine and can function properly.

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Causes of Bladder Cancer:

Here are some of the causes of bladder cancer:

1. Smoking:

Smoking is a probable bladder cancer cause. Among all the bladder cancer causes, this is the most prominent one. Chain smoker always carries a chance of going down with bladder cancer. It is one of the most harmful varieties of cancer and can be equally harmful to aged as well as young people.

2. Chemical Exposure:

A lot of chemical exposure might trigger bladder cancer. Chemical exposure might take place at the workplace. Living in an unhygienic environment near factories may also lead to chemical exposure. Excessive exposure to radiation might also be a reason for bladder cancer.

3. Nitrate Consumption:

Consuming food with nitrates is one of the most possible bladder cancer causes. A person will experience the symptoms of bladder cancer if he or she is exposed to nitrate smoke. There are many ways on the internet and even books educating people about how they can avoid the nitrate in their foods.

4. Caffeine:

It has been proved that consumption of excessive caffeine can lead to bladder cancer. It is one of the most underestimated causes of bladder cancer. One can fall really sick and also see the symptoms of bladder cancer if he or she doesn’t stop the excessive consumption of coffee or caffeine containing drinks.

5. Aristolochia Fangchi:

This particular herb is a scientifically proven cause of bladder cancer. This is a Chinese herb and according to many researches and studies, it has been proven that this herbal plant might be the cause of bladder cancer. For intake of this herb by many people, the symptoms of bladder cancer started appearing in them.

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6. Heredity:

Genetics is a killer in this case. One can carry the familiar bladder cancer disease and spread it to the next generation as well. This is one of the well-known causes of bladder cancer and it cannot be avoided. There is literally no way one can the harmful diseases and viruses from his or her genes.

7. Rubber and Textile:

People working in rubber or textile industries are at risk of getting affected with bladder cancer. One can easily catch bladder cancer disease by the harmful chemicals that are exported in the manufacturing departments of these industries. These people are generally workers and there is literally no way one can be totally safe there.

8. Carcinogens:

Carcinogens are basically cancer promoting chemicals which can spread and can be the reason behind bladder cancer. Bladder cancer can be caused due to carcinogens which are really harmful to an individual and can spread the cancer at a high rate.

9. Urinary Tract Problems:

Problems in the urinary tract are one of the most probable causes of bladder cancer. If a person already has a urinary infection then he has a high chance of getting infected with bladder cancer as well.

10. Kidney Problems:

Have kidney problems? Then, god bless you. It has been found that severe kidney issues have been the element behind the arousal of bladder cancer.

Bladder cancer is really harmful and this is evident from the symptoms and causes discussed in this article. Bladder cancer has tons of side effects among which the top 10 are discussed above. It is recommended that read the points thoroughly so that you can determine the symptoms easily.

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