Brain Tumor Symptoms, Causes: What You Should Know

Brain tumor is a common condition as seen these days with even children not relieved from the clutches of this disease. In a survey of young adults till twenty, the brain tumor has been categorized in the second position for the death of young adults suffering. However, the children survival rate for malignant tumors is somewhat better a percentage than adults. 66% of the time, children survive but that is not the same case in adults where the survival rate drops to half. Often there are symptoms that announce the presence of these tumors. Below we give proper symptoms and causes of brain tumor diseases.

Brain Tumor Symptoms, Causes: What You Should Know

What is Brain & How It Works:

The disciplinary unit of our body is summed up inside a coiled-up membrane fixed inside our thick skeleton skull. This membrane is called the brain which is the headmistress of the body who disciplines every other body organ to work the way they do. Even our thoughts and visions emotions and memories are provoked and controlled by none other than the brain itself. In fact, this article making sense to you right now is also the brain permitting it to do so. This is how our entire body works. Now as a part of the human body, it is bound to change, good or bad. Usually, there might be certain medical conditions that may arise due to malfunctions in the body. The brain tumor is one of them.

How Tumor Forms in the Brain:

On a normal day, the body as arranged by the brain produces a whole lot of cells each compiling with the other to work out the body parts and their functions. These cells are normal and grow mature and die to give way to newer cells. Tumor condition occurs only when the cells start acting differently due to abnormal conditions where the cells themselves turn abnormal. These cells reproduce at a much faster rate than they should because of their abnormality and then refuse to die anymore. This causes them to crowd the space eventually eradicating the normal cells in the process.

This accumulation of cells is termed tumor. There are different classifications for this term called tumor. According to their severity, they are graded. The low-grade ones are benign and chances are that they can be cured. The high-grade ones that are serious in nature might turn cancerous at a later time.

The benign type of tumors termed especially primary tumors are not likely to spread since they are harmless in nature. They are just common masses of cells cladding a part of the brain. They do not spread in the neighbouring regions.  The secondary tumors are somewhat not compatible with the body causing the cells to invade into secondary locations causing more tumors in the other places. These vehemently attack the body by turning cancerous within just a brief period of time. Hence, secondary tumors need immediate check-up along with proper treatment so that there is no chance for them to grow and expand more.

However, a quick diagnosis is recommended to make sure the condition is still benign. Then the proper medications and treatments fall into place. If the condition by then is already malignant, vigorous treatment starts immediately.

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Brain Tumor Symptoms and Causes:

Brain Tumor Causes:

Some of the common causes related to brain tumour arrival are:

1. Technology:

Technology has increased for the benefit of us a lot. The modern dawn has seen quite the gadget innovations where people from letters by pigeons and posts have now settled for digital media communication. The invention of the phone has been made more easy by the innovation of portable cellular phones. Before that, it was a portable phone in the form of cordless. The Bluetooth headset you bought last month is yet another wireless form of modern-day innovation. But exactly how has it helped us in improving our health since scientists have proven the fact that cell phones and other wireless communications in the present modern-day world are a leading cause of so many worldwide cases of brain tumours?

2. Age:

Often the causes of brain tumors are directly related to age which has two sides to it. Even though brain tumour can affect persons at any age, it is often common in old age as experienced and monitored by doctors. With the passing of age, the risk of brain tumours grows more and more. However, apart from old age, the young adult age group is also at high risk.

3. Genes:

The brain tumour cells are often hereditary in half the cases. The other half is caused by different causes. The genes that are already present in the body can be blamed on your generations before. If you are a suspect of a brain tumor quickly glance at the family tree to see how many past cases of family cancer have been noted.

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Symptoms Of Brain Tumor:

The common symptoms of brain tumour include:

1. Headaches:

Frequent headaches occurring and reoccurring might be a strong symptom of a brain tumour. While normal headaches come and go for a certain set of reasons, these headaches from the tumour conditions keep on reappearing in intervals and with passing time they get more and more intense. The worst time and the most common time experienced is just after the person wakes up in the morning and feels a stinging headache. The same occurs with heavy physical activity. Don’t mistake it for migraine or sinus problems without going in for a proper check.

2. Memory Disturbance:

With a brain tumour up ahead, chances are that your once shining memory would go through some rust. This is why with a brain tumour, loss of memory might occur. This comes with confusion and forgetfulness if not directly memory loss. This might also affect your other senses such as those of hearing, smell or taste.

3. Seizures:

These are of the serious kind when the tumour is malignant and already in sharp conditions. The seizure conditions cause involuntary convulsions in the body where for a brief period of time unconsciousness prevails. This, however, is the last straw process.

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