Asthma Mudra – How To Do Steps And Benefits

Breathing disorders is very common these days. Exceptionally high level of pollutants can cause breathing disorders like anything. High level of pollution and stressful lifestyle can cause server damage to the lifestyle. This is the major reason for the major disease in present times. Some of the major breathing disorders are bronchitis and asthma. These breathing disorders can affect young people as well as oldies. So, before you land yourself in some serious health issues and disorders learn to take proper care of yourself. Regular medication is always prescribed by doctors in case of asthma and other breathing disorders.

Asthma Mudra - How To Do Steps And Benefits

But as far as I believe regular medications and medicines should not be taken at least for a lifetime. Thus, what I believe is that a patient should always practise long term measures. This will impact or benefit your health in the long run. Thus, what you should do is adopting some exercises like mudras. These mudras are really inexpensive and free of cost exercises. They are the most economic solution to your body and long health and well-being. Some of the mudras are specifically designed for some health disorders. Like for asthma, there are numerous mudras for asthma. Many other yoga mudras for asthma attacks are also designed.

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Asthma Mudra Meaning Steps And Benefits:

Meaning Of Asthma Mudra Pose:

One of the most significant mudra in terms of treating breathing disorders is asthma mudra. Asthma mudra is known to help in terms of asthma. Irregular breathing patterns or breathing disorders can be treated by regular use and practise of these mudras. I have heard many people singing praises about these asthma mudra benefits. They are known to treat and regularize breathing to a great extent. Even for people who have already suffered from asthma or even got or suffered severe asthma attacks can also try this.

Let me teach you how to do this asthma mudra hand gesture.

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How To Do Asthma Mudra Posture?

  1. Firstly, you need to sit down in a relaxed position. Sit either on your mat or on any light carpet.
  2. I suggest not to sit directly on your floor as it can cause slippery.
  3. Also, doing mudra or yoga by sitting directly on the floor is strictly prohibited or not advised by fitness experts.
  4. Asthma mudra can be performed with both hands. You need to firstly begin by touching the tip of your finger with the base of your thumb.
  5. You should touch the tip of your ring finger and middle finger along with the base of your thumb. Make sure that you do this entire exercise very gradually and calmly.
  6. Comfort is a major part of this yoga exercise. Make sure that you should keep your index finger straight pointing outwards.
  7. Your entire posture should be very straight but still relaxed.
  8. You can also keep your eyes shut to enjoy the relaxed environment.
  9. You can practise this for 5 minutes. You can do this yoga posture for 30 minutes at a stretch or even with breaks. Do it as you are comfortable.

Asthma Mudra Benefits:

Asthma mudra is immensely popular for its benefits towards major breathing disorder disease like asthma. It can reduce the occurrence of asthma. It can also reduce your chances of asthma attacks. And people who are showing early symptoms of asthma can also benefit with these asthma mudra.

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You can practise this asthma mudra yoga pose for asthma attack at any time of the day as you wish. It does not require any equipment and thus is very easy to practise it anytime and anywhere. There is a different variation of this asthma attack. One of them is hand gestures for asthma. It is another very popular method mudra for an asthma attack.