Alpha Meditation Techniques

Everybody has heard of the wonders of meditation and meditative techniques like Pranic healing and Reiki that are often considered to be much akin to ‘magic’. But almost everyone who hasn’t seen this ‘magic’ firsthand seem to be sceptical of its powers at first. But not to worry, once you master the art of alpha meditation you’ll be able to practice these wonders over your very own body!

Alpha Meditation Techniques

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Alpha meditation elevates your mind to the level that lies between being completely awake and nearly asleep. It slows your brain waves and allows your soul to transcend to a higher astral plane. To some all this will sound like gibberish spoken by gypsies and spiritual healers etc who are turn out to be phony.

However alpha meditation has been scientifically proven to help your mind heal your body and its diseases! By slowing your pulses it takes your brain to a relaxed comfortable state. This is the state that stands at the threshold of a deep slumber, one that will allows you to wake up refreshed and say “Now this is a beautiful morning!” Alpha meditation uses this state of your mind to achieve tricks that you can’t even dream of!

The first step of alpha meditation is achieving that state of mind. To do this, seat yourself in a comfortable position and take deep breaths in and out to root yourself. In the typical steps of simple meditation you start concentrating on your breaths. In and out, in and out, continuously. And as you exhale imagine all your stress and worries leaving your mind. In this manner clear your mind of all its tensions and worries.

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This process will make most of your tension run far. However once your mind is clear you can take control of these stresses and solve your problems without allowing them to cause you any stress. Thus, with the help of this technique you achieve a spiritual centre that helps you balance out your problems.

Alpha meditation makes use of this spiritual centre. Once you have reached there you can use visualization techniques to send your brain signals. Alpha meditation mainly makes use of the subconscious to achieve its objectives.

One of the techniques is to imagine the number three, three times, followed by the number two and then one, each occurring three times. This activates a part of your brain that is rarely used. It’s much like stretching an old out of use muscle.

After this exercise you can go on to imagine whatever situation it is you wish to execute. Imagine yourself at work achieving success, imagine your headaches going away or yourself having the best hour’s sleep in a few minutes!

As you imagine wherever it is you want yourself to be, call out your aims out loud. You are basically informing your subconscious what your objectives are. These images should be like real events to you. As you finish this, start counting back from five to one. Then slowly open your eyes and allow yourself to come back to the normal world.

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Alpha meditation takes control of all the hidden power within you, mobilises it and gives it a direction. It allows you to direct your subconscious mind, which has a tendency to stray away from your true goals, to your goal in life. This greatly enhances your chances of achieving them!

By practicing alpha meditation daily you can not only improve your body’s physical and spiritual state but you can also improve your life and its condition. While before you were faced with a stack of failures and disappointments, now you will feel the wheels turn as fortune hands you out a better hand. But is it really fortune? Or is it this art that allows you to act and improve your life?