9 Best Surya Yoga Asanas and Benefits

Surya Yoga; also known as Sun Salutations, is a form of Hatha Yoga that uses 12 different poses to enrich our bodies. Surya or the Sun has been worshipped for thousands of years. Surya Yoga imbibes the principle of worshipping the sun and channelizing its energy through your body. Every Sun salutation begins and ends with the hands folded near the heart. This is not a mere coincidence, but a well-thought practice wherein the Lord of Energy is worshipped, and his energies flow through us. Each pose has been given a name; a mantra, that needs to be chanted along with regulating your breath. In the following article are mentioned the ways to achieve the poses along with health benefits.

9 Best Surya Yoga Asanas and Benefits

Benefits of Surya Yoga Asanas:

1. The Standing Pose:

9 Best Surya Yoga Asanas and Benefits

The first pose is an indication of the worship of Surya. You stand with your feet open. Relax your shoulders. Fold your hands into a Namaste. Close your eyes. Take a deep breath and chant Om Mitraya Namaha as you do this pose.

2. The Bending Backward Pose:

9 Best Surya Yoga Asanas and Benefits

For the next pose, slowly raise your hands upwards and bend backwards. Stretch your arms to the fullest and relax. Your feet should stay firm on the ground and not move. Take a deep breath and chant Om Khagaya Namaha. This pose helps to increase your balance of the body, improves digestion, and also stretches your back and leg muscles.

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3. The Bending Down Pose:

9 Best Surya Yoga Asanas and Benefits

The third pose requires you to bend forward and touching the ground. Keep your feet firmly on the ground and put your head in between your arms. Arch your back while taking a deep breath and continue chanting. This will increase your blood circulation, tone your body, and stimulate the lymphatic system.

4. Looking at The Sun Pose:

9 Best Surya Yoga Asanas and Benefits

For this pose, you need to put one leg at the back and the other leg at the front with your palms firmly placed on the ground. Keep your arms completely straight and inhale deeply while looking at the sun. Chant Om Bhanuvae Namaha slowly. This pose will increase your flexibility, relax your senses, and also tone your digestive tract. You must do this step slowly so as to not cause yourself injury.

5. The Push Up Like Pose:

9 Best Surya Yoga Asanas and Benefits

For the next pose, you have to be in a plank position. You need to bring both your legs to the back and lift your body off the floor. Make sure your two hands are at the front, and they are supporting the weight of the body in a push-up position. Breathe deeply and exhale while chanting Om Ravi Namaha. This pose will remove all tension and body pain, especially your neck area. It will also provide strength to your arm muscles.

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6. The Lowering Down Pose:

9 Best Surya Yoga Asanas and Benefits

For the lowering down pose, you need to bring your body down with your elbows facing upwards. Your back must be arched, and your palms should be placed firmly on the ground. Your knees should be lowered, and you must hold your breath there and chant Om Pushnae Namaha. This will exercise your back muscles and strengthen your arm and wrist.

7. The Looking Upward Pose:

9 Best Surya Yoga Asanas and Benefits

The upward-looking pose is next to where you lower your waist and raise the upper part of your body. Continue breathing slowly while keeping your arms straight. Chant Om Hiranya Gharbhaya Namaha. This will help in stimulating nerves in your spine.

8. The Inverted V Pose:

9 Best Surya Yoga Asanas and Benefits

For the inverted V pose, you bring your hips up with your head on the floor. Your eyes must be on your navel and feet flat and firm on the ground. Exhale and chant Om Marichiye Namaha. This will strengthen your heart and remove shoulder tension.

9. Repeating The Poses:

9 Best Surya Yoga Asanas and Benefits

After the vertical V pose, you must repeat the fourth pose and chant Om Adityaya Namaha. After that repeat the third step and chant Om SavitreNamaha. Repeat the second step after that and chant Om Arkaya Namaha. Following that you should finish with the first step chanting Om Bhaskaraya Namaha and be with your hands folded in salutations to the sun.

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These were the methods to perform and practice Yoga Surya accurately. If you include these asanas in your everyday routine, you are bound to achieve the desired results for your body and mind. Surya Yoga is special because it is not time- consuming, and once you have learned the poses, you can do it all by yourself at home. If this article was useful to you, please write feedback in the comments and share it with friends who will benefit from Surya Yoga.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How Long Should Each Pose be Held in Surya Yoga?

Each pose should be held for at least 5 complete breaths (in and out). If you are practicing yoga for weight loss benefits, you can hold your pose for two breaths and let go, and weight loss yoga needs to be done at a fast pace. You can also try variations with the first three rounds being slow-paced and the next ones fast-paced.

2. How Many Times Should I do Surya Yoga?

In the beginning, you must start slow. Start by doing 3 sets, in a week’s time move on to 5 and so forth. It is important not to exhaust yourself as Surya Yoga is meant more for relaxation. Plus you need to make sure that you don’t stretch yourself beyond your limits as that will result in injury.

3. When Should I Practice Surya Yoga?

You should practice Surya Yoga first thing in the morning. It is advisable to do it on an empty stomach, but the consumption of fruits and water is okay. Practice it with the rising sun and witness your body, achieving the results that enhance your well-being.