9 Best Indian Home Remedies For Water Retention At home

Have you noticed swelling in your legs? Do they look puffy and soft to the touch? Don’t worry! We shall help you learn how to get rid of water retention in your legs, using simple and natural methods. But, before we look into the home remedies for water retention, let us first understand this problem in detail. We all know that the human body is largely composed of water, which is circulated to all organs. When this fluid fails to get eliminated properly, it gets accumulated in your organs, especially in the legs. Also called Edema, water retention is a temporary problem which wanes off in a few days unless it is caused by serious problems like Kidney disorders.

Get to know the main factors that cause water retention in the legs, along with some natural home remedies for water retention at home.

9 Best Indian Home Remedies For Water Retention At home

Water Retention Causes:

The major cause is because of which water starts retaining in the legs. They are

  • If there is a change in the pressure of capillaries through which vitamins, oxygen and minerals pass water retention starts occurring.
  • The kidney eliminates all the waste and toxins from the body and the blood absorbs the nutrients which can be reused by the body. If for instance blood flow is affected into the kidney which happens when the kidney starts getting affected then nothing gets eliminated then water retention starts taking place.
  • A lack of exercise and no physical activity results in water retention when we exercise the veins in the leg pump the blood into the heart and it does not travel fast it starts accumulating in the legs leading to water retention.
  • As many of eating fast and junk food which contains no protein, lack of protein affects water balance. Because of its deficiency, the system cannot take back water from tissues which are required in the capillaries.
  • A person who suffers from a weak heart as there is no pumping can cause water retention in the legs and other parts also.
  • Some medication also causes water retention.
  • Especially females face water retention during pregnancy and pre-menstrual because of changes in hormones.
  • Another major reason is that if you are sitting for long hours or prolonged standing causes pressure inside the blood vessels and fluid starts leaking into tissues leading to retention or swelling of the legs.

Symptoms of Water Retention:

  • The most common symptom is that your face, legs and other body parts are swollen even if you have lost weight.
  • Once you get up in the morning your eyelids are swollen and have a puffy face and feel that your tummy is bloated.
  • You can an uncomfortable as the pulse rate and blood pressure might shoot up.

Prevention of Water Retention:

Unless you are diagnosed with a serious medical condition like heart problems, there are ways to prevent water retention in your legs:

  • Indulge in Physical Activity
  • Do not restrict yourself to a single posture
  • Wear compression socks to reduce water retention in your legs
  • Do break journeys instead of long, tiring travels
  • Try to avoid taking a bath with too cold or too hot water
  • Reduce salt intake and cut down on junk foods
  • Exercise Regularly

Best Home Remedies For Water Retention At Home:

Here are our 9 effective home remedies for Water Retention in legs and feet. Let’s have a look at them.

1. Get Involved in Physical Activity:

9 Best Indian Home Remedies For Water Retention At home

If you are wondering how to prevent water retention in the first place, the answer is Physical exercise. One of the best and safe ways is to get you involved in any exercises like walking, cycling, jogging, and climbing stairs allowing the body to sweat. As your sweat, all the toxins, salts and excess water starts expelling from the body will help to cure the problems of water retention in the legs.


  • If you are a pregnant woman, take up something light like walking or yoga, instead of intense workouts.

2. Minimise Salt Intake:

9 Best Indian Home Remedies For Water Retention At home

The salt you consume is made up of sodium and chloride, as sodium has the properties of binding water in the body leading to the retention of fluid inside the body. The processed food you consume also contains a high level of sodium triggering water retention in the legs and body. So try to consume less salt and replace it with herbs and spices and stay healthy. This is one of the most important points to knowing how to get rid of water retention naturally.

3. Reduce Sugar Consumption:

9 Best Indian Home Remedies For Water Retention At home

Once you consume high carbohydrate food and sugar it immediately shoots up the blood sugar and insulin levels. The increased level of insulin retains more sodium and thus in turn shoots fluid volume in the body. So, consume fewer sweets and carbohydrates and stay healthy and reduce water retention-related issues.

4. Consume Garlic:

9 Best Indian Home Remedies For Water Retention At home

Garlic is the most effective natural diuretic product which helps eliminates toxins and drives excess water out of the body. This small natural ingredient breaks the fatty cell and even helps to lose weight. Daily in the morning and night consume 2-3 cloves raw and ensure that you chew them properly and easily get rid of the water retention issue.

5. Eat Food Rich in Magnesium and Potassium:

9 Best Indian Home Remedies For Water Retention At home

It’s very important that you include food items which are high in magnesium and potassium they effectively reduce water retention-related issues. Nuts, whole grains, green vegetables etc are good sources of magnesium which top the charts of anti-water retention diet.

Potassium reduces water retention and serves as an electrolyte and maintains a proper balance between water and sodium levels. It helps the kidney to remove all the toxins and excess salt from the body. Bananas, avocados, raisins, raspberries, spinach etc are rich in potassium, thus include them and get rid of ailments.

6. Sauna Bath:

9 Best Indian Home Remedies For Water Retention At home

Another effective way to thrive excess water and toxins out from the body and makes you feel relaxed and fresh. This process drains the excess water and you sweat heavily thus helping you to get rid of water retention.

Precautions: Pregnant women can take up warm water soak, instead of the sauna bath. This is a safe and effective mechanism to reduce water retention.

7. Sip Fennel Tea:

9 Best Indian Home Remedies For Water Retention At home

This natural herb contains anethole which minimizes systolic blood pressure and flushes the excess salt, and water from the kidney and relieves you from this issue. You can also chew fennel seeds along with this tea as it helps to reduce water retention and even keeps digestion on the right path. Fennel tea is one of the best herbal remedies for water retention.

Process To Consume:

  • In one cup of hot water add one teaspoon of fennel seeds and keep it covered for 10 minutes.
  • Then strain it and drink this tea twice a day and see the magical results.

8. Take Vitamin B-6:

9 Best Indian Home Remedies For Water Retention At home

According to many studies it is being proved that Vitamin B-6 breaks the sugar and starch effectively and diminishes water retention largely. It is very effective for women especially those who suffer from swelling during premenstrual as it relieves them. B6 Pills are one of the proven supplements for water retention.


  • Pregnant women, lactating mothers and those with chronic medical ailments must seek a doctor’s advice before taking these supplements.

9. Use Barley:

9 Best Indian Home Remedies For Water Retention At home

Wish to know how to reduce water retention during pregnancy? Try Barley! Barley is another natural diuretic ingredient which is now being consumed in many European countries. Its consumption increases the volume of urination and expels the excess fluids from the swollen area.

Process To Consume:

  • First, properly wash and clean the unpeeled barley and 500 ml of water put a quarter cup of barley, and boil it for 20 minutes.
  • Allow it to get cool and strain the water in another vessel.
  • Pour it into one cup and squeeze three drops of lemon and slowly sip it daily for effective results.

Precautions: Barley water is a diuretic. It is recommended to consume it during the daytime. Taking it at night can lead to disturbed sleep due to frequent toilet breaks.

All these home remedies for water retention are tried and tested by many people. They are all-natural and safe for use. However, if you are a pregnant woman, lactating mother or under specific medical treatment, consult a doctor before consuming anything internally. Most of these age-old remedies are quite effective in offering instant relief from Edema. In case the problem persists for more than a week, you must get a thorough medical checkup done to know the root cause.

1. Is Edema a Life-Threatening Disease?

While Edema is not a dangerous disease, it can indicate an underlying medical problem. In most cases, water retention is caused due to strain, long travels, too much sitting or excess salt. If your condition doesn’t subside within a week, you must get a thorough checkup by a doctor to know the root cause. Patients with Kidney disorders or heart ailments experience frequent attacks of Edema. So, you must rule out these possibilities to lead a peaceful life.

2. Is It Ok To Take Diuretic Pills to Control Edema?

Unless prescribed by a doctor, you must never take self-medication for Edema, especially diuretics. Lack of knowledge of the dosage can lead to dehydration in the body. If you want to cure Edema at home, you must first try these home remedies and in case they don’t work, a doctor’s advice is needed.

3. How Do I Prevent Water Retention in my Legs During a Long Flight Haul?

If you are a frequent traveller by air, water retention in your legs can bother you often. This problem can be prevented by wearing loose-fitting shoes or socks. You must make sure to take short walks on the flight for good blood circulation. Stretch your muscles once in a while and drink plenty of water to hydrate your body. Don’t consume alcohol or sedatives!