5 Deep Breathing Exercises for Ultimate Relaxation

Every day’s stress and anxiety have left people with panic breathing or rapid breathing. People are stressed out all the time and tension has become a part of life that you cannot shed off. Deep breathing is extremely beneficial at it calms your body and relaxes it. Also, It also allows for a good flow of oxygen in your blood and system, preventing hypoxia. Deep breathing also enhances organ health and functioning. Here is a list of deep breathing techniques that you can do in your vicinity.

5 Deep Breathing Exercises for Ultimate Relaxation

Best Deep Breathing Exercises to Relax:

Deep breathing exercises involve intentional, slow, and deep inhalation and exhalation. They promote relaxation, reduce stress, and enhance overall well-being by calming the mind and body

1. Sama Vritti:

5 Deep Breathing Exercises for Ultimate Relaxation
Relax your posture; just sit straight without straining your back. Now, inhale for four counts calmly and exhale for another four counts. It relaxes your strained nervous system and calms your head down. Repeat this 6-7 times. If you have trouble falling asleep then this is a good way of relaxing and putting yourself to sleep.

2. Nadi Shodhana:

5 Deep Breathing Exercises for Ultimate Relaxation
This breathing technique unites the left and right sides of your brain and brings balance to your body. Sit with your legs folded in the classic pranayama posture. Now Press your right thumb over your right nostril, blocking the nostril and breathe with your left nostril. When you reach the peak of your inhalation, and then block it using the ring finger of your right hand. Then exhale with your right nostril and continue the pattern. Do this five to six times.

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3. Kapalabhati:

5 Deep Breathing Exercises for Ultimate Relaxation
It is best to do this one in the morning. It works like a cleansing system for your body. Inhale slowly and deeply, now when you exhale, your exhalation should be forceful, and short and the force should come from your belly. The exhalations are repetitive and try to continue it for as long as you can, till you run out of air. Repeat this 6-7 times. But this one is a strict no for, asthmatics and people suffering from COPD.

4. The Relaxing Breath Exercise:

5 Deep Breathing Exercises for Ultimate Relaxation
Inhale deeply and then exhale through your mouth. But when you do exhale, lock the tip of your tongue behind your front teeth and make a ‘woosh’ sound when you push the air out. Inhale for four counts, hold your breath for five and when you exhale, expand it to eight counts. Do not do this if you have a flu or cold.

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5. Breath Moving:

This is a simple exercise primarily based on imagining the movement of the inhaled air throughout the body. Inhale deeply and hold it for five counts. Now in your mind, imagine the ball of air going up to your head, then coming down to your chest and then abdomen and then your lower body right down to your feet and then coming up to your spine again. When you exhale imagine that you let the air out through your lower spine. Continue this circuit for 7-8 times. It is the best exercise to calm your entire body.

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