4 Common Symptoms of Scabies in Adults and Children

Scabies is a contagious skin infection caused by a mite. A mite is a parasite that buries itself under the host’s skin and breeds. This is the prime cause of the uncontrollable itching sensation. It is primarily a water-related disease; in most cases, transfer happens through direct skin contact.

The movement of mites primarily causes the itching sensation and is also the reason why treatment takes a little longer than expected. Scabies mostly spread from mites stuck under your nails from having scratched the affected area earlier. It can spread indirectly through objects too, which include bedding, clothing etc. Scabies can also spread from sexual intercourse in spite of using a latex condom.

4 Common Symptoms of Scabies in Adults and Children

Early Signs and Symptoms of Scabies:

The known symptoms are,

1. Skin lesions:

The skin shows a sign of small insect-like bites. It looks similar to pimples blisters or mosquito bites. It initially grows in areas like the knee, underarms, elbows, and wrists. The skin can also turn red and have sores as a result of scratching.

2. Signs of a burrow:

There is an S-shaped track in most cases, which is so small that it can be overlooked. This burrow is the sign of the mite’s movement under your skin. T is mostly found in between your fingers and toes. Whenever there is intense or unbearable itching without any particular reason, scabies should be considered. Hit the doctor’s place as soon as possible.

3. Scaly Patches:

Your rash-like developments can grow further, forming uneven skin bumps and scaly skin. It might also look something similar to eczema.

4. Crusted Patches:

Crusts form on your skin, usually greyish in colour. This happens when you’ve been infected with a very severe form of scabies called crusted scabies or Norwegian scabies. It houses thousands of mites. There might not be too much itching but if your skin shows such coloured patches, run to the doctor!

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Scabies Symptoms in Children:

In some cases, for children, the rash spreads all over the body. They erupt on the child’s palms, soles and even the scalp. The itch is so troublesome and irritating for the children. They might refuse to eat or sleep.

This is treated with a lotion or cream that your doctor prescribes. Wear clean clothes washed in antiseptic liquid. Medication may also be prescribed for itching. The entire family should get treated at the same time, to avoid reinfestation. There might be itching during medication but that does not signify infestation.

4 Common Symptoms of Scabies in Adults and Children


In conclusion, recognizing the symptoms of scabies in both adults and children is crucial for prompt diagnosis and treatment. Itching, rash, and visible burrows are common indicators. Seeking medical attention is essential to effectively manage and eliminate this contagious skin condition, ensuring the well-being of individuals and preventing its spread to others.