20 Amazing Cumin Powder Benefits For Skin, Hair and Health

Remember those good old days when your mother used to give you some cumin powder and water to treat your stomach pain? The twisting cramps vanish in minutes and get you back on your feet again! So, what’s with this magical ingredient? Cumin powder, also called Jeera powder is an age-old home remedy for treating many digestive related disorders. It is known for its gas reducing properties to tighten your tummy. That’s not all! Cumin powder can also do wonders to your body. Let’s get to know more about the Amazing Cumin Powder Benefits and the best way to use them.

20 Amazing Cumin Powder Benefits For Skin, Hair and Health

What Is Cumin Powder (Jeera Powder)?

Cumin seeds commonly known as ‘jeera’ are very small in size but contain a lot of nutritional value. Cumin powder in Hindi is called “Jeera Powder”. It is called “Jeerakapodi” in Tamil and “JeelakarraPodi” in Telugu. You can make powder from those cumin seeds to get cumin powder. It is an edible ingredient which is very commonly used in every kitchen of India. It has many benefits such as digestion, treating some infections and many more.

Is Cumin Powder Good For You?

Cumin powder is a powerful ingredient used in ancient Ayurveda medicine. Being a rich source of Iron, Cumin powder can help you deal with anaemia. It is also quite high in dietary fibre to improve digestion and prevent constipation. Besides these benefits, Jeera powder is also known to aid in weight loss and promote healthy well-being.

How To Make Cumin Powder At Home?

Cumin powder is available in the market for ready use. However, it might be contaminated with chemicals that can harm your health. It is advised to use homemade cumin powder for better health benefits:


  • Cumin Seeds – ½ Cup.


  • Dry roast cumin seeds in a pan.
  • After they have cooled, transfer them into a blender.
  • Blend until smooth.
  • Store the powder in an airtight container.

Cumin Powder Nutrition Facts:

Listed below is the nutritional value of Cumin powder per 100 gram serving:

  • Total Calories: 375
  • Total Carbohydrates: 44 gm
  • Proteins: 18 gm
  • Sodium: 168 mg
  • Potassium: 1788 mg
  • Vitamin A: 25 %
  • Calcium: 93 %
  • Vitamin C: 12 %
  • Iron: 368 %
  • Magnesium: 91 %

Research-Based Cumin Powder Benefits:

Below is a list of the best cumin powder benefits for skin, hair and health. Let’s have a look into them.

1. Enriched With Iron:

Cumin seeds contain iron in a rich amount around 15-16 %. It is very important for increasing hemoglobin in our body. Cumin seeds also help in treating anaemia patients. It helps you in recovering from weakness, lethargy, lack of concentration and dizziness by maintaining your iron level. This is one of the best jeera powder benefits.

2. Aids In Better Digestion:

Salivary glands are stimulated by an important compound known as Cuminaldehyde found in cumin helps in improving digestion. It also activates enzyme production which helps in breaking the macro-molecules such as sugar, fat, starch and protein. Cumin powder helps you a lot in treating acidity and indigestion. Its powder is suggested for good health of kidney.

How To Use:

  • Soak 2-3 spoons of cumin powder in water whole night.
  • Then, separate the water. Consume that water it will give you many digestive benefits.

3. Fights Asthma:

Cough and cold are very common respiratory disease which can be controlled very easily with the help of cumin seed powder. As it contains antioxidants and vitamin C, Cumin powder can also solve serious respiratory problems like Asthma. It acts as a good expectorant. Mucus is dried and expelled out. It also enhances our immunity system.

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4. Prevents and Fights Cancer:

Cumin contains anticarcinogenic agents such as thymohydroquinone, thymoquinone, thymol and dithymoquinone. It contains essential oils in large amount which helps in preventing damage of free radicals from your cells. It is also helpful in treating cancer such as breast cancer and colon. Harmful toxins are removed from your body by stimulating liver flushing mechanism. Health is improved and functions of all organs are enhanced with the intake of cumin powder in your diet.

5. Stops Painful Stools and Piles:

Powder of cumin seeds is taken to treat piles. Piles result mainly due to rectum infection or severe cases of constipation. Cumin powder is rich in dietary fibres and has antimicrobial and carminative properties which prevent inflammation of the rectum. Bowel movements become easier, regular and smooth with the help of its high content of fibres.

6. Cures Skin Inflammation:

Take cumin powder with water to get rid of pimples, acne and other skin infections. You will start feeling the difference within a few days. Your skin also starts glowing because of antioxidants in cumin. Also cures boils and stops its further growth. You can notice visible results in just a few days.

7. Improves Quality Of Sperm:

A cumin seed contains zinc which increases the production of sperms and nucleic acids are synthesized with its help. It is also a good mood enhancer and helps in treating insomnia. Adding two spoons of Cumin powder in your everyday diet can improve the quality and number of your sperm. This is one of the best Cumin powder health benefits.

8. Regulates Sugar Levels:

Sugar levels in the blood also get controlled by the help of cumin powder. It is a wonderful agent to help in lowering your blood glucose levels and bringing down your numbers. Jeera powder is also recommended by many doctors for its ability to stimulate insulin production and keeping your blood sugar levels under control.

9. Reduces Body Heat:

Put some cumin powder in boiled water and then pour it. Itchiness of the skin and body heat can be treated by having a bath with this water, after cooling it. Burning sensation in the soles and of the palms can also be treated by drinking water of cumin.

How To Use:

  • Add 1-2 teaspoon of cumin powder in the water of 3-5 litres and bring it to boil.
  • Cover it after removing it from the flame. Pour it from a sieve after cooling into a clean vessel.
  • Consume it a whole day when you are thirsty and after having the meals.
  • For more benefits try to drink it lukewarm.

10. Treats Many Hair Problems:

Cumin consists of various nutrients which are beneficial for our hair. The vitamins present in cumin provide us with healthy hair and provide proper hair growth. Cumin powder helps to get rid of dandruff’s and it acts as a great stimulant. Our hair requires many nutrients like fats, proteins, carbohydrate and even water for proper nourishment and most of these are easily available from it. It cuts hair loss and provides us with long and silky hair.

11. Delays Signs Of Aging:

Cumin protects our skin from any microbial infection and also triggers the anti-ageing process. It prevents us from wrinkles and premature ageing which basically loosen our skin. Vitamin E and antioxidants present in cumin fight against these symptoms. The free radicals present in our body have several side effects that also affect our skin. Age spots and wrinkles are signs of ageing which are caused due to lack of various nutrients. Also vitamin E content in cumin gives us glowing skin. We get rid of acne, pimples and other skin disorders. Application of cumin paste helps to combat these skin disorders. Various face packs are being with cumin powder for skin treatments.

12. Cures Insomnia:

According to the study, it is being shown that cumin or cumin powder is rich in vitamins which are helpful in various purposes. The vitamins mainly B complex is required for better and proper sleep. It is a unique property of cumin that helps to reduce insomnia. As it being mention before, cumin powder helps to improve digestion which in turn provide us with proper sound sleep. Proper sleep is very essential for every one of us to get relief from anxiety and stress. The tranquilizing effect is noticed among the components of the cumin oil.

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13. Strengthens Immunity:

Cumin basically consists of various vitamins, minerals and also the presence of essential oil improves our immune system. It improves immunity with its anti-bacterial and anti-viral properties. The antioxidants are present in an adequate amount that boost the immune system. Among the others, vitamin C is one of the important antioxidants presents in cumin. This helps to fight against the free radicals that lead to various harmful diseases. Some cardiovascular diseases and cancer may occur due to the presence of free radicals. So cumin basically detoxifies our body from these harmful effects. It supports the anticancer property of the antioxidants. Thus the toxic product produced in our body is eliminated constantly that leads to improving our immune system.

14. Prevents Cognitive Malfunction:

Cumin is rich in iron content, this helps to prevent anaemia. Increase iron content in our body would provide better blood circulation. There is an increase in the production of hemoglobin in Red Blood Cells. An adequate supply of blood is required for the proper functioning of the whole body. Hence, due to the increase in the amount of iron in your body would help the organs to get oxygen-rich blood for better performance of our body. Also, better iron and oxygen supply is required for the proper functioning of the brain. Serious diseases or cognitive disorders like dementia and Alzheimer’s disease get reduces having cumin due to the mentioned property.

15. Improves Milk Supply:

Cumin consists of various minerals like calcium, iron and others which are required for lactating mothers and also for others. Lactating mothers require nutrient-rich food for the baby mainly. Cumin contains calcium in a remarkable amount that is an important ingredient of milk and thus it’s a much needed or required mineral for lactating mothers. On the other hand, iron is also required by pregnant women.

16. Cumin Powder Benefits For Weight Loss:

One of the best Jeera Powder health benefits is its fat-burning abilities to help in reducing your excess weight. Studies show that people who used cumin powder regularly in their diet experienced a weight reduction by almost 15 %. The best way to use Cumin powder for weight loss is to prepare some Jeera water and drink it on an empty stomach.

17. Prevents Food-Borne Illness:

One of the effective home remedies to deal with food poisoning is Cumin powder. It works like a charm in kids and adults, by fighting with the infection-causing bacteria and virus.

How To Use:

  • Just add one tbsp of Cumin powder in a glass of lukewarm water and have it on empty stomach.
  • You will experience an easing pain and light tummy very quickly.

18. Cures Dandruff:

Jeera powder is widely used in treating scalp disorders like dandruff. By massaging this powder on your scalp, you can get rid of itchy flakes. You can even try heating up some coconut oil with Cumin powder and applying it on your scalp regularly to notice a visible difference.

19. Good Source Of Calcium:

You will quite surprised to read that Cumin is a great source of calcium, needed to strengthen your bones. With 931 mg of calcium in 100 gms of Cumin powder, it certainly makes one of the best foods for your skeletal system. Besides that, it also strengthens your teeth and makes them less prone to breakages and damages.

20. Lowers Cholesterol:

Cumin powder can help in lowering your blood cholesterol levels to a great extent. It absorbs the bad cholesterol or LDL which blocks the arterial walls.

How To Use:

  • Consuming a mixture of Cumin powder and lukewarm water on an empty stomach can significantly lower your cholesterol levels and promote a healthy heart.

20 Amazing Cumin Powder Benefits For Skin, Hair and Health

How To Use Cumin Powder In Cooking?

Cumin powder can be used in numerous ways in your diet. Check out some of the most popular ways:

  • Cumin tea made with cumin powder and water.
  • Adding Cumin powder as a seasoning on your salads and soups.
  • Using Cumin powder as masala in your curry and gravies.
  • Eating Cumin powder directly.
  • Mixing some Cumin powder with honey and licking it slowly.

Cumin Powder Side Effects:

Although Cumin powder is considered to be safe for consumption, it does come with a set of side effects. Some of the most common disadvantages of Cumin are:

  • Nausea.
  • The bitter aftertaste in your mouth.
  • Vomiting.
  • Loss of Appetite.
  • Drowsiness.
  • Mental Clouding.
  • Heavy bleeding during menstruation.
  • Pre-term labour during pregnancy.

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Cumin powder has many health benefits which would provide a healthy body. Daily intake of cumin powder as a price in food items would provide you with good sources of minerals, vitamins, proteins, fibre and antioxidants. It is also one of the most economical and effective ways to deal with numerous ailments in the early stages. With these 20 best cumin powder uses discussed in the article, we are pretty sure you will start using it to enjoy great health!