14 Best Fig Juice Benefits (Anjeer Juice) + Nutritional Facts & Side Effects

With rising health consciousness among people, many juice companies are upping their game by including some key natural sources in their drinks. One such fruit is known for its iron-rich value in Fig. Fig juice or Anjeer Juice is now the latest sensation in the health industry and is highly recommended by doctors and nutritionists. Apart from making a great post-workout drink, Fig juice also offers numerous medical benefits. It is an elixir for those suffering from Chronic Anaemia, constipation and other health disorders. Read on to learn more about the wonderful Fig juice benefits to your body.

14 Best Fig Juice Benefits (Anjeer Juice) + Nutritional Facts & Side Effects

What Is Fig Juice (Anjeer Juice)?

Fig juice is extracted from both fresh and dried figs. It is quite sweet in taste with a coarse texture due to the seeds. Fig juice can be had on its own or can be mixed with other fruit juices or smoothies. It supplies all the key vitamins and minerals essential for healthy well-being.

Is Fig Juice Good For Health?

Fig fruit juice is loaded with delicious goodness. It is rich in dietary fibre when the pulp is retained. Besides treating stomach disorders, fig juice also helps in dealing with iron deficiencies. It is also good for your bone and muscle health. Drinking fig juice every day can alleviate the need for depending on artificial supplements.

How To Make Fig Juice At Home?

You can prepare fig juice from fresh fruits or even the dried ones. Check out the recipes below to know a simple Anjeer fruit juice recipe to try at home.

Using Dried Figs:


  • Dry Figs: 4-5 no’s
  • Water


  • Soak dry figs in water for about 30 minutes.
  • Transfer them into a blender.
  • Blend until smooth.
  • Add water for consistency.
  • Serve in a tall glass and enjoy the drink.

Using Fresh Figs:


  • Fresh Figs: 6
  • Water


  • Clean fresh figs thoroughly.
  • Remove the tough stalks from the fruits.
  • Chop them into large chunks.
  • Transfer chopped figs into a blender.
  • Add some water and whip until the juice is extracted.
  • Strain and serve the juice.

Suggestion: You can even add some milk in this recipe to make a delicious smoothie.

How Much Fig Juice Can I Take Daily?

As per the dietary guidelines, it is recommended to drink a glass of fresh fig juice, made with about 40 gms of figs. Following this serving size can help in meeting your daily needs, along with keeping a track of calories. Overindulging in fig juice can increase your blood sugar levels, leading to many health disorders.

Fig Juice Nutrition Facts:

Listed below is the nutritional value of fig juice made with 100 gms of fresh, raw figs:

  • Total Calories: 47
  • Total Carbohydrates: 12.3 gm
  • Dietary Fiber: 1.9 gm
  • Proteins: 0.5 gm
  • Vitamin A: 2 %
  • Vitamin C: 2 %
  • Iron: 1 %
  • Calcium: 2 %
  • Magnesium: 3 %
  • Manganese: 4 %

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Wonderful Health Benefits Of Fig Juice:

Let’s see the 14 best fig juice benefits for health, hair and skin. Let’s have a look into them.

1. Treats Constipation and Piles:

Many people use fig juice for constipation, as a natural home remedy. The good levels of vitamin B6 make it a perfect choice as a laxative that regulates the bowel movements. Drinking fig juice on a daily basis will ensure that you keep away from constipation and have proper bowels. It is also helpful in treating painful piles by smoothening your stools. it is quite mild as a laxative, it can be given to children as well.

2. Induces Better Sleep:

Having some fig juice during the evening time or just before going off to bed will ensure that all problems on insomnia are treated. Tryptophan is one of the amino acids that help as a natural sleep inducer. This is one of the best Anjeer juice benefits to your body to promote proper sleep and enhance good health.

3. Cures Respiratory Infections:

The soothing qualities of fig juice help in reducing the irritation caused in the throat and nasal passages due to bronchitis and thus help in treating the problem quite effectively and in a 100 % natural way. The high amounts of antioxidants present in fig juice can also ward off any potential infections.

4. Prevents Gall Stones:

The accumulation of minerals in the bladder slowly leads to the formation of stones. The good source of vitamins and minerals in fig juice is perfect for the body and is low in cholesterol and sodium. It fights off the bladder stone in more than a perfect manner.

5. Aid In Building Muscles:

The good levels of natural sugars and carbohydrates in the fig juice are perfect for those who want to build the body. It enhances vitality that helps in more exercising stamina to burn the calories off. The glucose content will help in adding fuel to the muscles for proper functioning. You can easily substitute energy and bodybuilding drinks with fig juice.

6. Helps You Lose Weight:

The high dietary fibre helps in flushing and burning out the extra calories that usually gets stored in the body as fats. To burn those extra pounds it is best to use some fig juice in the daily diet. This is surely going to be helpful in weight management as well.

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7. Lowers The Risk Of Eye Problems:

One of the best uses of fig juice is to help in strengthening your vision. With increasing age, one of the common problems of the eyes comes in the form of macular degeneration. Fig juice can strengthen optic nerves with its high amounts of Vitamin A and other vital nutrients. Regular consumption of this juice can prevent loss of vision caused due to age-related problems.

8. Repairs Skin Cells:

Starting from acne to warts and from pimples to sores, you can stay away from all these skin problems with consumption of fig juice. This juice contains many anti-oxidants to repair and rejuvenate skin cells from within. You can even apply fig juice on your skin directly to attain a naturally glowing skin.

14 Best Fig Juice Benefits (Anjeer Juice) + Nutritional Facts & Side Effects

9. Strengthens Your Hair:

Magnesium is one mineral that is needed for proper hair growth and one mineral that is present in fig juice in good quantities. Drinking fig juice in recommended quantities each day can help in strengthening your hair follicles and preventing hair loss. It even reduces balding and receding hairlines.

10. Good Substitute For Breast Milk:

There are many new mothers out there who cannot nurse their little ones due to many reasons. In such cases, freshly made, organic fig juice is offered in diluted forms as an alternative to breast milk. Babies as young as 6 months can be introduced to Fig juice to reap its wonderful health benefits.

11. Prevents Signs Of Ageing:

Figs are an important source of Vitamin C, which is a natural anti-oxidant. This vitamin can help in fighting free radicals that harm your skin cells. By consuming fig juice internally and also applying it as a thin layer on your skin, you can be assured of wrinkle-free, young skin that glows with radiance. This is one of the best anti-ageing solutions to your skin.

12. Contributes To Collagen Formation:

Collagen is an important element to restore the elasticity of your skin. Lack of collagen can lead to wrinkles, fine lines and other signs of ageing. Fig juice is a key source of Vitamin C, Calcium and other vital nutrients which help in the formation of Collagen. Regular consumption to do plenty of good for your skin.

13. Lowers Blood Pressure:

Apart from the many fig juice benefits discussed in the article, fig juice also proves advantageous in regulating your blood pressure. It lowers the rate of your blood flow to prevent unnecessary pressure on your heart. People suffering from Hypertension can take a glass of this juice for quick results.

14. Boosts Energy Levels:

The most significant advantages of Fig juice is its use in boosting your energy levels. Especially for sportspersons, working professions, children and even housewives, fig juice can be beneficial in dealing with the sudden loss of energy and fatigue. Drink a glass of freshly made fig juice to notice the difference.

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Fig Juice Side Effects:

The saying “too much of anything can be bad” applies even to fig juice. Consuming it in excess quantities can lead to a number of side effects like:

  • Nausea.
  • Stomach Upset.
  • Lack of appetite.
  • Vomiting.
  • Increase blood sugar levels.
  • Interference with certain medications.
  • Can cause allergies.
  • Drinking fig juice during pregnancy can lead to excess body heat and stomach cramps.

Aren’t you surprised reading about these Fig juice Benefits? Figs have always remained unsung heroes in the world of nutrition. They have never been considered mainstream fruits until recently. With many health experts going gaga about their nutritional value, people are slowly getting used to their taste. Although many brands offer fig juice in packaged forms, it is always recommended to go for homemade, organic juice to enjoy a chemical-free drink.