10 Best Yoga Asanas For Piles (Hemorrhoids) Cure With Instructions

Yoga has ample benefits to the body and is conducive to people of all ages. It is an age-secret to staying healthy even in one’s old age. Yoga for Piles is an extremely beneficial therapy as it stretches and contracts the muscles involved and offers pain relief along with long-lasting benefits. Yoga for hemorrhoids has a lot of positive effects. It engages your mind through concentration and helps in developing your cognitive skills. Yoga has physical benefits like flexibility, increased stamina, and strength, along with the ability to strengthen your mind through meditation. Hence, similarly, yoga to cure piles yoga therapy is of immense benefit to prevent and control piles effectively from getting worse, and to relieve pain. Today, we tell you how to use and do yoga asanas for piles.

10 Best Yoga Asanas For Piles (Hemorrhoids) Cure With Instructions

What Are Piles and Can Yoga Cure Piles?

Piles are also known as hemorrhoids. They are the inflammations found around the anal wall. Piles can be internal and external. These are clumps of tissue filled with blood vessels. Some of the symptoms of piles include –

  • Itchiness or redness around the anus.
  • Inflammation.
  • Bloody stools.
  • Abdominal pain.

Given any of these symptoms, it is essential to understand that treatment is required. One must not ignore any of these symptoms and go ahead with the best natural therapy like yoga for piles treatment to treat piles effectively.

Yoga is a therapeutic therapy that is used in the treatment of piles. Treatment of piles usually depends on the level of inflammation. Sometimes piles can be cured by improved lifestyle and Ayurvedic medication along with yoga. In severe cases, surgery is recommended. However, even doctors recommend that yoga for piles regularly can totally cure piles and give a lot of relief effectively.

Best Yoga Asanas For Piles (Hemorrhoids):

Yoga Asanas are the perfect treatment for piles because they have no side effects. Let us take a look at the 10 Best Yoga Poses for Piles.

1. Pawanmuktasana / Wind Relieving Pose:

10 Best Yoga Asanas For Piles (Hemorrhoids) Cure With Instructions

The wind-relieving pose is an asana that helps in stretching and contracting the tissues in the affected area. This improves blood circulation and reduces the swelling over time. It also helps in restoring the digestive system. This is an effective way to use Yoga for Piles problem. The blood vessels in the affected area get proper circulation by practising this move.

How to Do the Pawanmuktasana

  1. Lie on a yoga mat with arms at your sides.
  2. Bend your knees and bring them close to your stomach.
  3. Hold your knees with both arms and interlock the fingers.
  4. Lift your back as much as you can.
  5. Keep breathing steadily, and keep your gaze fixed.
  6. Hold the same pose for three to four minutes.
  7. To recover, relax, and lower back on the mat and slowly release your knees.
  8. Bring your legs to the floor while maintaining a steady breathing cycle.

2. Mulabandhasana / Root Lock Pose:

10 Best Yoga Asanas For Piles (Hemorrhoids) Cure With Instructions

Mulabandhasana is known as the Root Lock Pose because Mula means root, and Bandha means a lock. This yoga exercise for piles stretches the muscles in the abdomen and surrounding the anal region. This asana is deemed to be the best Asanas for Piles because of the way it engages the affected areas and heals them completely. Yoga, with regular practice, can cure piles.

How to Do the Mulabandhasana

  1. Sit on the mat with your knees folded beneath your body. (Vajrasana)
  2. Slowly spread your knees apart on either side of the body.
  3. Stretch them entirely as long as it does not cause a sharp pain.
  4. Place your hands on either knee with your palm facing upwards.
  5. Hold your index finger and your thumb and exert some pressure.
  6. Concentrate on your pelvic muscles and try to contract and release them.
  7. Co-ordinate the contractions with inhaling and release while exhaling.
  8. Hold this pose for three to four minutes.
  9. Slowly bring your knees together and relax.
  10. Perform daily to cure piles.

3. Viparita Karani / Legs up The Wall:

10 Best Yoga Asanas For Piles (Hemorrhoids) Cure With Instructions

Viparita Karani is one of the best yoga for piles patient, for hemorrhoids. It helps in relieving the abdominal muscles of pain. It sends good oxygen supply and blood circulation to the anal area and can help in the treatment of piles. Viparita Karani can be done with the help of props such as pillows or bricks. It can be down with the support of a wall. Depending on your proficiency in yoga, you should decide your method of performing this yoga pose.

How to Do the Viparita Karani

  1. Place your yoga mat near a wall.
  2. Lie down first on your back with arms by your side.
  3. Slowly move towards the wall and lift your legs.
  4. Move forward until your hips are touching against the wall.
  5. Rest your entire lower body against the wall and keep your head straight.
  6. Observe the stretch in the lower body.
  7. Keep breathing steadily and keep your vision focused.
  8. Hold the pose for five minutes.
  9. Bend your knees and push yourself forward to recover.
  10. Practice every day to cure piles.

4. Shishuasana / Child Pose:

10 Best Yoga Asanas For Piles (Hemorrhoids) Cure With Instructions

Shishu means child, and this pose is so-called because this is generally how babies fall asleep. Shishuasana is beneficial in dealing with constipation and other digestive issues. This best yoga for piles involves the muscles surrounding the digestive tract and the anal system. It provides blood circulation to the inflamed areas and can help in reducing the redness and pain. Shishuasana is an easy yoga pose and performed by people of all ages. Yoga asanas for piles treatment must be performed daily to ensure long-lasting results.

How to Do the Shishuasana

  1. Sit in Vajrasana with your knees folded underneath your body.
  2. Bend forward slowly to rest your chest on your knees.
  3. Keep your head low and keep looking at the floor.
  4. Stretch your arms ahead and try to go as far as they can go.
  5. Raise your buttocks slightly.
  6. Keep breathing steadily and hold this pose for three minutes.
  7. Practice daily to resolve piles permanently.

5. Malasana / Garland Pose:

10 Best Yoga Asanas For Piles (Hemorrhoids) Cure With Instructions

The Garland Pose is an Asana that restores the digestive system. It contracts and stretches all the muscles involved in the digestion process. Piles are often caused because of constipation and issues with the digestive system. Malasana helps in dealing with constipation and other digestive issues. Practising Malasanaas yoga exercises for hemorrhoids every day has several benefits to the body and can help in the treatment of piles.

How to Do the Malasana

  1. Stand straight on a yoga mat, placing your legs apart.
  2. Slowly start doing a squat and go low without bending forward.
  3. Keep your spine straight and go lower.
  4. Bend your knees slowly and gradually, and keep your feet straight with the toes pointing forward.
  5. Once you are in full squat, fold your hands in front of your body with palms touching each other, doing a Namaste.
  6. Keep breathing steadily, and look ahead.
  7. Hold the pose for 4 minutes and slowly rest your buttocks on the floor.
  8. Stretch your feet in front of the body and relax.
  9. Practice every day to ensure comfort from Piles.

6. Vajrasana / Diamond Pose:

10 Best Yoga Asanas For Piles (Hemorrhoids) Cure With Instructions

Vajrasana is one of the primary asanas in yoga, and it is beneficial for beginners, as well as experts. The Vajrasana is a prime yoga for bleeding piles, and it can help various treatments. Patients who have diabetes, blood pressure, or high cholesterol can be benefitted from practising Vajrasana. It engages the muscles near the spine and anal areas and can be helpful in the treatment of piles. The itching or redness caused by piles can be cured with Vajrasana

How to Do the Vajrasana

  1. Sit on the yoga mat with your knees folded.
  2. Fold your knees underneath your body and keep your feet close.
  3. Try to touch the toes of your feet to the buttocks.
  4. Place your arms relaxed on your knees.
  5. Keep your spine is straight, and the shoulders pushed behind.
  6. Hold this pose for five to seven minutes.
  7. Practice Vajrasana daily to cure piles and for boosting your immunity.
  8. Vajrasana helps in reviving your overall well-being as it is one of the best yoga asanas.

7. Sarvangasana / Supported Shoulder Stand:

10 Best Yoga Asanas For Piles (Hemorrhoids) Cure With Instructions

Sarvangasana is a yoga asana to cure piles as it engages all the muscles in the body, especially the tissues lining the anal region. And Sarvangasana is an excellent method of releasing stress. Piles can cause fatigue and loss of energy. Sarvangasana helps in reviving lost energy and helps with increased stamina and boosted metabolism. Beginners, as well as experts, can perform Sarvangasana. Yoga for Piles is a great way to ensure long-lasting results without any side effects.

How to Do the Sarvangasana

  1. Lie on the yoga mat, on your back.
  2. Keep your legs straight and stretched out, with arms by your side.
  3. Gradually lift your legs, keeping them straight and without bending the knee.
  4. Lift yourself from the waist, and raise your hips.
  5. Rest your elbows on the mat, and use your arms to support your hips.
  6. Keep looking at a specific point and try to maintain a steady breathing cycle.
  7. Hold this pose for seven minutes.
  8. Slowly let go of the support of your arms and rest your hips on the floor.
  9. Bend your knees slowly and release your legs one by one.

8. Padahastasana / Hand Under Foot Pose:

10 Best Yoga Asanas For Piles (Hemorrhoids) Cure With Instructions

Padahastasana is yoga for piles of pain and is an advanced level asana. Beginners can try to achieve flexibility by practising this asana for a little while. Padahastasana requires strength and flexibility, which is achieved through a regular practice of yoga. Padahastasana involves the muscles in the abdomen and anal regions. This best yoga for piles problem helps in relieving pain caused by hemorrhoids and reduces the inflammation.

How to Do the Padahastasana

  1. Stand on a yoga mat with feet close.
  2. Keep your knees straight and bend forward.
  3. Once you have touched your toes, try to stretch your body by putting your palms underneath your feet.
  4. This method requires a lot of experience and flexibility.
  5. Hold this pose for five minutes.
  6. Arise slowly and try to maintain balance.
  7. This pose engages the muscles of the rectum and assists in the treatment of piles.

9. Paschimottanasana / Seated Forward Bend:

10 Best Yoga Asanas For Piles (Hemorrhoids) Cure With Instructions

Paschim means posterior, and the seated forward bend is an excellent Yoga to Reduce Piles. Yoga for Hemorrhoids is an effective treatment, and if the inflammation is not of an intense degree, it can be completely cured by yoga. Paschimottanasana has other benefits, as well. This yoga asanas to cure piles strengthens your spine and can relieve back pain. It restores your digestive system, along with boosting your immune system.

How to Do the Paschimottanasana

  1. Sit on a yoga mat first with your legs stretched out in front of you.
  2. Rest your heel on the ground with toes pointing upwards.
  3. Slowly bend forward and rest your palms at a distance from your feet.
  4. Make sure your head touches your knee.
  5. Perform this asana with your knees straight.
  6. Some styles of yoga ask to hold your feet in your palms by bending your elbows.
  7. Hold this pose for three to four minutes.
  8. Keep a steady breathing cycle to ensure the full benefits of this asana.

10. Anulom Vilom Pranayama:

10 Best Yoga Asanas For Piles (Hemorrhoids) Cure With Instructions

Along with yoga, pranayama is extremely useful in treating piles. Pranayama is the discipline of the mind, and it involves breathing techniques to engage the brain and also to improve oxygen supply to the body. Anulom Vilom is an ancient technique in which how to breathe is altered, and that leads to several benefits for your overall well-being. Pranayama for Piles is an assured way of treating your ailment. This is among best yoga asana for piles.

How to Do the Anulom Vilom

  1. Sit comfortably in Padmasana or with your legs crossed.
  2. Keep your spine erect and place your hands on either knee.
  3. Take your right thumb and place it over your right nostril keeping your palm separate.
  4. Ensure that there is no air passage through your right nostril.
  5. Inhale through your left nostril steadily, for four seconds.
  6. First, place your index and middle finger on the left nostril and exhale through your right nostril.
  7. Hold your fingers and inhale through the right nostril, switch back to the thumb on the right and exhale through your left.
  8. Practice this for half an hour every day for effective results with piles.

Piles are a common ailment that most people experience in their lives. It can be easily cured through yoga, and if the condition is extreme, doctors prescribe surgery. Yoga can solve a lot of problems in the body and mind. This article on yoga for piles tries to highlight the 10 Yoga moves used in the treatment of piles. If you liked this guide, tell us how best this was helpful for you as yoga to cure piles.


One must make sure to consult and take an opinion from a doctor before attempting or undertaking any personal steps and treatment. While the yoga for piles is commonly suggested, it is safer to take medical advice before undertaking any personal treatment.

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

Q1. What Are The Causes of Piles?

Ans: Piles are the inflammation around the anus and inside it. Piles can be caused and occur due to a variety of reasons. Piles are usually caused by –

  • Chronic constipation.
  • Chronic diarrhea.
  • Pregnancy.
  • Poor lifestyle choices.
  • Poor dietary choices.
  • Lifting heavy objects.
  • Straining the lower rectum.

Piles are mostly caused due to the issues with the digestive system. The tendency of developing piles is mostly inherited and can increase due to age.

Q2. Can Yoga Cure Piles?

Ans: Through experiments and experience, experts have concluded that yoga is completely capable of curing piles. Yoga is a restorative therapy that can be used to deal with several diseases. Depending on the level of inflammation, doctors recommend Yoga to Cure Piles. If the affected area is not under a lot of damage, piles can be cured by proper diet and yoga. In some cases of extreme inflammation, surgery is required to cure piles, but for less inflammation, yoga is an organic way of treating piles with no side effects.

Q3. Can I Exercise During Piles?

Ans: Depending on the severity of your pain, doctors recommend exercise. If you have inflammation in your rectum that can be sorted out by medicine only, doctors recommend restorative therapy like Yoga for Piles. If the damage is intense, surgery is recommended for piles. Yoga helps in addressing the affected areas and boosts the blood supply, which results in reduced swelling of the anal region. Yoga over time prevents the body from being exposed to all kinds of diseases. It strengthens the core of your system and boosts your metabolism when practised regularly and sincerely.

Q4. How to Take Care During Piles?

Ans: Piles can be caused due to a disrupted digestive system and poor lifestyle choices. Ensure that your everyday choices concerning food are careful. Eating good, clean food is the basic step to cure piles. Indulging in soft food groups and fresh fruit juices are the best way to ensure proper nutrition to the body. Any food that can lead to the production of hard stools must be avoided at all costs.

Q5. Can Yoga Cause Piles?

Ans: Yoga is an ancient practice of the mind and body. It has been known to have zero side effects. It has been practised for close to 300 years, and never has there been a side effect regarding the effects of Yoga. This Yoga is used in the treatment of many diseases and is a fine way of staying fit throughout. Yoga is a restorative therapy and is recommended by doctors. Yoga is not a reason to cause Piles. Piles are caused due to a disrupted digestive system. Yoga helps in boosting metabolism and restoring the digestive system.

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