Stay Home, be Safe and Keep Healthy

Stay Home, be Safe and Keep Healthy

Coronavirus is an infectious disease that threatens the world’s global health situation. The disease has spread to many parts of the world, thus seeking measures to control it. The symptoms of this disease are like common respiratory flu. Different states have put in various measures to curb its spread. These measures include forced lockdowns, closing of schools, encouraging citizens to wash hands, and great education on the effects of Corona Virus. To save lives and control this disease, the World Health Organization requires citizens to stay at home. Reducing our day to day contact with other people will reduce the spread of the infection.

How to Maintain Your Health During Quarantine

Most of the citizens all over the universe are at home. People are working, studying, and communicating from the roof of their houses. It is, therefore, critical to appreciate and learn how to maintain your health while keeping safe at home. Nursing homework and medical experts would love to help you to be more safe during this time. You can maintain your health by:

Maintaining a fitness routine

While at home, you should aim to do your daily exercises, thus maintaining good health. Online platforms as YouTube have fitness coaches that take people through fitness workouts. You can do most of the routines without special equipment.

Ensure Proper Sanitation

You should maintain a clean home and take precautions to avoid the disease. You should sanitize and disinfect your house surfaces. The Covid-19 virus can survive unto surfaces for a few hours or up to several days. Disinfecting the surfaces thus protects your household from Coronavirus

You should wash your hands often with running water and soap. Soap gets rid of harmful bacteria and viruses that might be harmful to your health.

Keep a specific eating timetable

When you are idle at home, you will inevitably eat more than usual. You will find yourself taking more trips to the fridge for bonus snacks now and again. Such an act is unhealthy. You should maintain a fixed schedule that will regulate your eating patterns. It will ensure that you are not out of food supply sooner than your plan.

Drink Water

Water is life. No human being can survive without taking water. Our body cells need water to function as it delivers oxygen throughout the body. While at home, it is important to include the consumption of water in our diet. Different human beings consume different water levels depending on their level of activity. You can download an app that tracts your water consumption and reminds you to drink water.

Protect your State of Mind

During this pandemic period, many individuals are anxious. Anxiety may lead to high-stress levels, which is not healthy. Staying at home with very little to do can also cause overthinking, which leads to anxiety. It is important to maintain your mental health. You can do this by practicing the following:

Talk to someone. It is important to talk to someone: your friend, your sibling, or even guardian when you are anxious. Talking to someone reduces anxiety. You can even talk to a licensed professional from BetterHelp from the comfort of your home.

Keep active. Distractions will keep you from overthinking, thus reduce the anxiety level.

Avoid social media platforms. Social media has a way of triggering anxiety. When they show statistics of the Coronavirus, it is common for one to be anxious and feel afraid. Taking a break from the bad news from social media helps to reduce tension.

Staying at home is not as easy as it sounds. You may develop depression, obesity, and other conditions if you don’t take care of yourself. In as much as you are keeping safe from Coronavirus, it is important to check out for your general wellbeing.

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