Priligy For Pre Ejaculation: Your Guide On What It Is And What I Can Do

Priligy For Pre Ejaculation: Your Guide On What It Is And What I Can Do

When sexual intercourse is disrupted with pre ejaculation, it can be stressful and anxiety-inducing. Men who experience pre ejaculation often try not to discuss it or even find its root causes out of fear that it’s a blow to their manhood, is beginning to negatively affect their coital experiences, and later on, their sexual desire.

However, there is a way to curb this and stop it in its tracks. Have you heard of Priligy? Numan – UK Priligy tablets are an effective medication against pre cum and here’s why. Find out about Priligy, what it really is, and how you can take it to rid yourself from pre ejaculate occurences. 

Why Do You Pre Ejaculate? 

You may not know this fact but the truth of the matter is that this isn’t a dysfunction unique to you. A vast percentage of sexually active and non-active men go through similar phases. These phases merely differ in whether they’re chronic or not. 

But to answer that question, one of the reasons behind it has to do with the state of your mind. And we don’t mean it metaphorically. We mean this very literally in that your mind’s condition and health are factors. Mainly, anxiety, depression, and stress. 

You might be thinking that that’s preposterous. These certainly can’t have any effect on a sexual dysfunction. According to research, they do. When you’re anxious or stressed, your bodily functions tend to either overwork or underwork themselves to compensate. Due to this, their bodies aren’t at peak condition during coitus and they may not even be aware of it. 

Moreover, if you aren’t able to manage stress healthily and as consistently as you should, this will eventually repeat itself and worse, become chronic. 

The second reason is because of erectile dysfunction. When men aren’t able to have an erection for the average length of time if at all, this will definitely tie-in with pre ejaculation. And for erectile dysfunction, it’s also very much linked to anxiety and stress. That, and too much of a rapid pace during coitus. 

Since both are largely in parallel to the way your mind deals with stress, train yourself to relax. That’s right. We said “train.” Because it might not be something you’re used to. Simple breathing in and out during stressful situations in the office, replacing negative thoughts with positive ones, and take quick breaks in between tasks— these are the most practical of techniques you can practice in order to relieve yourself of stress. 

On the same note, relax when having sex. The more you worry about it and how you’ll perform, the higher the likelihood of pre ejaculating. So, ease your mind. 

What Does Priligy Do? 

Priligy, then, is a medication that causes a delay in ejaculation. It allows the penis to stay erect, and through the stimulation of serotonin movement, helps in keeping the ejaculate in for even longer. 

This prescription drug has been gaining attention because of its immediate efficacy. Through research and study, reports reveal that by taking it at least one to 3 hours before coitus, you’ll be able to feel its effect immediately. As to how long said effects last are dependent on your body type and composition. Some commonly experience its effects for five to six hours. And for a few, up to 12 hours. But no more than that.

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