How being body positive can make you healthier

How being body positive can make you healthier

For ages, trends have been trying to tell people what is wrong with their bodies in order to fix them. Finally, there’s a growing trend leaning towards being gentler on yourself. Discover how being body positive can make you healthier!

Getting the body, stamina, and fitness you want does not mean you have to go against the body you have. A negative view of your body can lead to mental health issues, that is why more and more people are moving towards a positive outlook.

So, what is body positivity?

It’s a movement aimed at changing the perception of different bodies to make room for a more healthy relationship between self-worth and body image. It acknowledges that you can be a different size than the one set by beauty standards and still be healthy.

In looking to change the way people view bodies, the movement has focused on several goals:

  • More positive representation of different bodies in entertainment and fashion
  • Pushing a message that promotes positive body ideas
  • Encouraging healthy habits amongst all bodies
  • Challenging ideas that put down some types of bodies

How can being body positive make you healthier?

Including body positive ideas into your way of life can improve your health in several ways (some small or big), but even if doesn’t do a lot for you if you are already healthy, it can do a lot for the way you see and treat others with different bodies.

  • Reducing stress and anxiety

Having a better view of your own body will have an incredible impact on stress levels, like enjoying your shopping experience in a plus size online boutique or finding something beautiful to wear with no worries of the judgment of others. A poor self-image can make everyday things very uncomfortable for anyone, so the acceptance of body positivity will help combat those feelings.

  • Adopting healthy habits

One of the most dangerous consequences of a negative self-image can be the development of unhealthy habits and conduct that can go on to have a very negative impact. The propagation of body positivity can create a barrier to protect people from falling into unhealthy solutions.

Loving yourself will most likely lead to bettering yourself through exercise, a good diet, rest, and mental health care.

  • Help treat depression

A negative body image can exacerbate feelings of depression for both men and women, even though women are more likely to suffer from these types of thoughts. It can lead to a deterioration of self-care and further the symptoms of depression.

Encouraging a more gentle and positive way of looking at the body can aid in guiding people out of depression and more towards self-love.

How to use body positivity properly?

The idea of body positive has more in favor than against, but it must be said that it could be used as a scapegoat for unhealthy lifestyles.

So, it’s important to keep in mind that the movement’s primary idea is to promote a gentler approach to different bodies and to challenge the idea that they are inherently unhealthy or unfit, not to celebrate the extremes.

If you are having difficulty with body positivity and accepting your body, online therapy can be a great place for support. Check out this article,, to learn more about online therapy platforms.

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