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Calcium Rich Foods for Women Over 50

Calcium Rich Foods for Women Over 50

Did you know that our bodies, as women over 50, need calcium rich foods to function properly?

Calcium often correlates with supporting bone health but little did we know, our body needs calcium more than just keeping our skeletal system in good shape. According to research, low dietary intake of calcium increases the risk of high blood pressure, osteoporosis and diabetes. 

Women over 50 require 12,00mg of calcium per day to maintain their health. Calcium also plays an important role in the cellular processes which is essential in age-related diseases particularly memory disorders like dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. Although, this mineral is best absorbed by the body when we are younger, it is still not too late to boost up our calcium intake. There are many ways to get enough calcium in your diet. However, consuming more calcium rich foods is the easiest and healthiest way to incorporate this mineral into your daily diet. 

This is one of the healthiest calcium rich foods on the market. It is the most popular vegetables that you can easily get anywhere. It is advisable to consume a cup of raw spinach or a half cup of cooked spinach in a day to reach the daily calcium requirement. 

Soy bean sprouts are often confused with mung bean sprouts but it is not hard to tell the difference, the sprouts from a soybean are bigger and are yellow in color and when it comes to nutrition, these sprouts contains high calcium mineral. In fact, a regular intake of this calcium rich food is proven to increase bone density and metabolism.

With a massive 457 mg of calcium, no wonder this nut is on top of the list of high calcium rich foods. Aside from being a great snack, you can also add almonds to almost every dish like salad, muffin, pasta. Plus, you can even make milk out of it too!

Eat them as a snack, baked or on a salad. Figs are proven to contain high amounts of calcium whether it is consumed raw or dried. 

These tiny seeds contain more calcium than milk! This can’t be said for most calcium rich foods. Combine some with nut milk or coconut yoghurt, let set in the fridge overnight, and you have a calcium-packed snack ready to eat!

Not everyone’s favorite but believe it or not these tiny salty fish are also one of the most calcium rich foods. Adding it to your pasta dishes will give an instant umami flavor. 

One of the most versatile calcium rich foods. Amazingly, a single serving contains contains 25% to 30% of the daily allowance of calcium and magnesium. Coconut yoghurt is also packed full of probiotics for a healthy gut. Calcium is essential to bone health while magnesium is essential for muscle health.

A great choice if you are lactose intolerant and looking for a non-dairy supply of calcium. According to the U.S. Department of Agriculture, or USDA. a single cup of fresh navel Orange offers 71 mg of calcium which is 7% of the daily requirement. 

hold the highest calcium content of all the seeds, and 1 tablespoon contains the same amount of calcium as half a cup of milk. You can easily eat these nutritious little seeds into your diet as a topping for salads, vegetable dishes ,cereal, yogurt or stir-fries. 

Dark green vegetables like broccoli are oftentimes calcium rich foods. Studies also shown that it contains cancer-fighting properties, that aid tumor growth. 

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