Suggestions on Styling Bridesmaid’s Hair

Doing the hairstyle of the bridesmaids can be a little bit tricky. Being a bridesmaid is certainly a significant role in the wedding. Of course, you certainly want to look endearing during the big day but you would not want to overshadow the bride’s look. Hence, before deciding on the style that you want, it is important to take some things into consideration.

Suggestions on Styling Bridesmaid’s Hair

Ask the bride what the motif and feel of the wedding would be. If it is a strictly formal wedding, then putting your hair in a bun, chignon, French twist or braid would be appropriate. For a wedding that has a more casual and laid-back feel, you can wear your tresses in curls and just let it down. The type of accessories that you could wear will also be patterned after the look of the bride. It is best to consult the bride whether she wants the bridesmaids to adorn their hair with a similar embellishment or not.

Over the years, there are hairstyles which never go out of trend when it comes to dressing up as the bridesmaid. It is all a matter of choosing the one that will work on the length and texture of your hair.

Bridesmaids do not always need to have long hair. If you have a short hair, you can still style it in different ways. A pixie cut is perfect for the occasion especially if you play around with the twirls on the end. Do not bother tucking them all inwards. Let the natural flounce adorn your beautiful face. To finish off a fancy look, you might want to add a thin headband with rhinestones or a side clip.

Suggestions on Styling Bridesmaid’s Hair

Side twirls is also perfect for those with mid length hair. If you are having trouble putting your hair up in a bun, then just work on the hair on the crown area. Create a side partition and gather your hair near the hairline. Twist the segment until the ears and then hold it in place using bobby pins.

For longer hair, the best way is to create a very charming bun. To make your look even more endearing, what you need to do is to allow some segments of your hair to fall on your shoulders. Curl these segments to achieve a very feminine look.

A half updo is also great especially if the dress you are wearing for the wedding exposes your shoulders. If you want to curl your hair, opt for the bigger curls instead of the tighter ones which are more appropriate for the occasion.

As a bridesmaid, when choosing the way to style your hair for the wedding, what you need to keep in mind is that it has to be neat and pleasant. Work on your feminine side and accentuate the innate gracefulness that you have. If in case the bride wishes to have unified look for all the bridesmaids, you do not really need to mimic the same hairstyle. Afterall, it would be hard to do that especially for varying hair length. The key in achieving that appeal is in using the same hair accessory.