Prom Hairstyles for Long Hair

Long Prom Hairstyles – How Times have Changed

The trends for long prom hairstyles are currently focused mostly on an almost casual, relaxed look. Where hair used to be styled in ‘prim and proper’ up-dos, today the fashionable look for a long prom hairstyle consists of wearing one’s hair in long, flat-ironed styles, which are often accompanied by unique headbands; braids, soft, romantic buns and long waves that have been pinned back into so-called half-dos.

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Many girls sport high, tight ponytails combined with full bangs, or combine low, comparatively loose ponytails with a few ringlets framing the face. This also works well with soft buns, placed low on the back of the head.

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Another gorgeous look can be achieved by gathering the hair at the back in a half-up do and parting the hair at the front in the middle, leaving just a few strands of wavy hair to fall down the sides of the face.

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Braids provide a wealth of choice and while the classic French braid is still a favorite among many, a singe loose braid at the side of the head and falling forward over the shoulder will look classy without appearing ‘over-done’.

Alternatively, a braid worked around the top, front area of the head and simply framing a long, wavy mass of hair will add individuality and look incredibly romantic.

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Long prom hairstyles using a variety of accessories, such as attractive, individual headbands, for instance, work just as well with straightened hair as it works with waves or curls. Using attractive barrettes to hold back hair in sections will equally add a touch of personality.

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A particularly elegant look can be achieved by running the fingers up the side of the head from the ears upwards and tying the so gathered hair at the back of the head, allowing the resulting ‘mini ponytail’ and the hair below it to blend together and fall naturally.

Teasing the roots of the hair at the back of the top of the head a little to add volume and height before gathering the hair in a loose ponytail placed low and bringing the ends up to form loops before winding them around the elastic and securing them with bobby pins will produce a lovely look, too.

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Layered cuts combined with bangs or a choice of accessories also open up a wealth of possibilities for long prom hairstyles, as the layers will frame the face beautifully and allow for the rest of the hair to be styled in a multitude of attractive styles.

Essentially, which kind of long prom hairstyles to sport for this special occasion depends on the individual, their personality and on how much they wish to state their individuality. A more conservative girl may choose to go for the formal up-do, while a young lady wishing to show her individuality may choose to combine a more daring, choppy hairstyle with a bang covering her eye.

In short prom hairstyles, long prom hairstyles have come a long way since the time of bee-hive like creations making it impossible for girls to move without fear of their hair falling down in a heap unless gallons of hairspray were applied to keep things in place. They have by no means disappeared and styles are still likely to be a little more formal than, for instance, homecoming styles, but as a whole they are far more relaxed today than they have ever been before.