2012 Hair Color Trends

Hair color trends for 2012 are fashion forward and glamorous, as the current trends are undergoing a significant transformation from striking reds with highlights to refined blondes with dramatic color tones. These trends in 2012 will represent more than a simple color choice; they represent spectacular, stunning and head turning changes. 2012 will be the year of change, anything except dull bland colors will be in style.
Hair Color ideasThere are several stylish hues that are popular in 2011, such as the reemergence of red hair and red shades. Fiery reds which contain an significant amount sparkle and shine are trending in 2011, and bright ginger hues are also worn for a cute, modern look. All of will significantly change in 2012.

While blonde hair was a popular trend in 2011, 2012 will focus more on dramatic changes in blondes, such as extremely light or platinum or very dark blonds with noticeable highlights. There are a plethora of blonde shades to choose from and in 2012 people will be trying new shades of blonde all year. Lighter and cooler blonde hues are popular at the moment; however this will change in 2012.

2012 Hair Color Trends

While blonde is in, brown hair colors have also been popular in 2011. Most women are highlighting their brown hair with trending blond streaks, however in 2012 a wide range of browns will be in. Colors such as dark taffy, light taffy, and caramel will be new trends among brunettes in 2012, however it is important to pick a color trend that suits your skin tone and complexion, especially when choosing a brown. Those who have light skin tones may look pale with certain types of trending browns, especially dark taffy and similar colors.

For those who are already brunettes and want a change, going darker will be the theme in 2012. The dark burgundy hues will be back in style, as will dark auburn and chestnut browns. Dark black, shiny hair will also be in; however dark blue hues and berry black colors will be very outdated. Black is almost a permanent trend among women who have dark brown hair, however be careful not to experiment with it too much.

Women dye their hair for a wide variety of reasons; some women simply need or want a change, others dye their hair to help take out the natural oils, and others dye their hair to enhance the current appearance. While the reasons for dying ones hair are many, there are a few ways in which one can properly select a trending hair color.

2012 Hair Color Trends

First of all, in order to select the proper color for your hairstyle trend in 2012, it is essential to be familiar with the diverse types of hair dyes that are available, and what results they produce. Choosing the right color starts by understanding your skin tone; for example people with lighter skin tones usually wear hair colors such as cool beige blondes or chestnut browns, as it gives them the appearance of a soft complexion. Women who have warmer skin often look stunning in rich shades such as deep blondes or cinnamon reds. Learn what your shade is and what colors compliment your skin tone before making your final decision.