20 Trendy Silver/Gray Hair Color Ideas for 2021

For the longest we can remember, it’s always been about the blondes and the brunettes; the epic battle- who is better? All the while, gray hair has been shunned and touted as ‘old people’ hair color. But in this year, the hair world is shaking things up a bit and making gray the star of the show! These gray hairstyles are sure to have you running to your hairstylist in need of a grey makeover. Who would’ve thought?

Galaxy Purple/Silver Waves

Trendy Hair Color Ideas

The beauty of the solar system is clearly shown in this stellar hairstyle, with hints of lavender purples mixed in to a deep grey hue. It’s okay to leave these spectacular shades straight, but giving them some waves really enhances this hairstyle to the max.

White Silver Blend with Shaved Side

20 Trendy Silver/Gray Hair Color Ideas for 2021/>

Gray hair doesn’t have to lack dimension, so lighten up your look with a bit of white-hot highlights. The contrast is vibrant and illuminating, and the ultra-edgy side shade adds another layer of depth to this look by leaving the natural hair color peeking out.

Dark Gray Highlighted Pixie

Trendy Hair Color Ideas

Step out of the box when it comes to highlights and indulge in some dark gray coloring! Dark gray really complements her dark brunette base well, adding a flurry of depth to this chic, modernized long pixie cut.

Blue/Gray Hued Long Pixie

Trendy Hair Color Ideas

If a sharp gray color is too bold for you, tame things down a tad by asking your stylist for a silver shade with a blue cast. The color is undeniably unique and full of depth, making for a sleek and silky hairstyle that looks great when chicly tossed over to one side.

Gray Ombré Bob

20 Trendy Silver/Gray Hair Color Ideas for 2021/>

Blunt ends and sophisticated angles create a look of precision and poise, and with a bold gray ombré hair color it’s a look that kills. Make your look really standout and POP by throwing on a deep shade of red lipstick.

Quirky Two-Tone Bob

20 Trendy Silver/Gray Hair Color Ideas for 2021/>

With everyone rushing to their stylist in search of ultra-trendy gray hair, it may be hard to stand out from the crowd. But if you’re really fixed on making a standout statement, try expressing your hair in a quirky and crazy way like this. The two-tone gray colors are seriously bold and precise, placed perfectly on a chic Bob. The gray contrast is even placed on those thick, vivacious bangs- wow!

Silver/Blue Waves

Trendy Hair Color Ideas

There’s something just so exquisite about this color melt; the very striking and eye-catching silver, the rich and luscious ribbons of blue. They both meddle together in a glistening way that’s truly amplified by some dainty loose waves.

Smoky Gray Silver Ombré

Trendy Hair Color Ideas

Silver is undeniably a very striking shade, but if it’s too bright for you, indulge in a darker hue of gray with a shadowy effect. This smoky gray has hints of deep browns for a very sultry finish that is lightened and illuminated with some sharp silvery ends. This ombre color charms and shines, and we’re loving the addition of lovely curls for a dramatic, feminine impact.

Pastel Tinted Gray Bob

Trendy Hair Color Ideas

Add a little spice to your mundane bob by going for some exciting colors. This stunning granny gray base is enchanted with hints of pastel hot pink and a twinge of electric blue, a color transformation that’s both exciting and refreshing.

Bold Gray/Blue Ombre Volume

Trendy Hair Color Ideas

Making a big impact wherever you go is a cinch with this voluptuous hairstyle! Stepping out on the scene, all eyes are greeted with an intense blend of deep silvery hues, amplified by bold blue ends. But what really makes this style a standout number is the intensity of the volume and waves, with plenty of texturing and teasing done from root to tip.

Dark Unicorn Colored Lob

20 Trendy Silver/Gray Hair Color Ideas for 2021/>

The precision of this cut is fascinating, with a blunt cut that’s subtly angled from front to back. Creating tons of volume, this look gets an extra dose of depth and trendy dimension thanks to a trio of colors producing that beloved ‘unicorn’ style. Deep pink up top, with a pink-shaded gray in the middle, followed by luscious dark blue ends; could it be any more mystic than this?

Voluminous Gray Ringlets

20 Trendy Silver/Gray Hair Color Ideas for 2021/> срочные займы на карту онлайн через интернет

This chick knows that it doesn’t matter what color your hair is: you can be a sexy babe regardless with tons of volume and luscious ringlets! Long hair will work best with this voluptuous style. Start off by teasing your crown heavily for utmost height, then add in some ringlets using a large barreled curling iron or wand. Hairspray, hairspray, hairspray to keep the precision of the ringlet intact.

Silver High Ponytail

20 Trendy Silver/Gray Hair Color Ideas for 2021/>

Diva-liscious? Oh, heck yes! High ponytails are probably the most diva-liscious hairstyle in the fashion world, loaded with height and bursting with sass. Use your silver locks to your sassy advantage by tossing them into a cute high ponytail. Don’t worry if your roots are showing- they actually look pretty sexy next to these white-hot locks.