20 Sassy Purple Highlighted Hairstyles

The purple hair color trend is undeniably a HOT one right now, and it seems like everyone is indulging in this fascinating trend. Purple can be worn in many different ways, whether you want a few piecey highlights or completely douse your tresses in a deep electric purple hue. Stick with a light, soft shade of violet or go wild with an eggplant.

You are sure to find a purpley hair ‘do that’s right for you on this list, and you’ll be speeding off to your stylist to indulge in this awesome, look-at-me hair color trend.

Platinum Short Hair with Light Purple Highlights

20 Sassy Purple Highlighted Hairstyles/>

Sassy? Absolutely. There’s something so pixie-like and adorable about a platinum blonde and light purple mix, the perfect combination to place on this cute short haircut.

Grey Bob with Deep Purple Highlights

20 Sassy Purple Highlighted Hairstyles/>

For a more subdued and darker take on things, consider indulging in the ever-popular grey hair trend; but don’t stop there. Pops of color will really bring this bob to life, and a deep, enticing purple hue is the ideal match. So succulent, so ravishing- give it a try, and finish off with purple eye makeup to tie it all together.

Natural Blonde Lob with Subtle Purple Highlights

Some may think you have to have wildly colored hair to go for purple streaks; but this couldn’t be any more FALSE! If you have a lovely natural shade of blonde, you can still ignite some fierce attitude to your look with some deep purple highlights gently tossed in. Looks lovely, especially when you have a lob that’s layered to perfection.

Curly Purple Pixie with Undercut

Eye-catching volume that’s ignited with a deep purple hue is the goal of this amazing hairstyle! Her pixie cut is tousled up to perfection with big, voluminous ringlets that really let the purple and white meddle together beautifully. For a touch of vivid contrast, she does an undercut that leaves her natural deep chocolate brunette strands show.

Striking Purple Bob

20 Sassy Purple Highlighted Hairstyles/>

Bobs are adorable, aren’t they? But if you want to go from subtle and cute to fierce and passionate, then consider a striking purple hue such as this. It’s a great way to add some excitement to your bob, and those little curled ends ensure there’s a feminine bounce on this exotic ‘do.

Purple Pink Short Straight Cut

20 Sassy Purple Highlighted Hairstyles/>

Cute as a mouse? Indeed. This simple and dainty hairstyle shows that you can still maintain your utter femininity and dainty appeal, even with exotic colors. Loving this purple-pink shade, a lighter take on the purple trend that looks oh-so-lovely on this stick straight short haircut.

Fierce Purple Ombre

20 Sassy Purple Highlighted Hairstyles/>

Deep hues of purple are the perfect ending for rich, dark chocolate brunette roots. The color contrast offers a rich experience that’s warm and mysterious, a look that’s great for winter.

Silver Lilac Bouncy Curled Lob

20 Sassy Purple Highlighted Hairstyles/>

Silver? Extremely trendy. Purple? Utterly popular. Combine the two and you have a striking, incredibly on-trend hairstyle that’s certain to turn heads. We’re loving her luscious silver lilac combination, a gorgeous hair color that’s brought to life with some super-bouncy ringlets.

Purple Mahogany Wavy Lob

Two strong colors filtered into one hairstyle is sure to bring some sex appeal and mystery into your life. Her lob is ignited with sultry attitude thanks to a unique mahogany-purple blend, those waves truly bringing out the glamour and passion of the color.

Purple Tips

20 Sassy Purple Highlighted Hairstyles/>

If dousing your hair in purple colors is a bit too extreme for you, then take it easy with some awesome purple tips. They add some definite sparks to this rather one-noted lob, and you’re sure to have everyone talking about your wild- yet somehow effortlessly tame- locks.

Red and Purple Color Melt

20 Sassy Purple Highlighted Hairstyles/>

Long, luscious locks like these are the ideal platform for color melting! A vivid, look-at-me red on top is subtly toned down with some rich, dark purple ends, a color melt that’s intriguing and destined to be the star of the show.

Purple Rose Melt

For my feminine ladies out there who crave something as dainty as can be, consider this purple rose color melt. The hints of pink filtered through the purple shade creates a stunning effect that’s mellow and subdued, while loose curls add to the overall femininity of this hairstyle.

Electric Purple Highlights

Black hair with purple highlights causes an electric effect that’s incredibly intriguing. If you’re looking to ROCK the hair world, consider a hairstyle like this that will leave a lasting impression on anyone who sees it. Such a vibrant style!

Unicorn Pastel Purple

20 Sassy Purple Highlighted Hairstyles/>

With ‘unicorn’ hair being SO popular right now, you KNOW you were going to find it on this list! This lovely shade of pastel purple has some lighter white pieces inside for a very intriguing style that reminds us, of course, of the beloved unicorn.

Purple Violet and Indigo Highlights

20 Sassy Purple Highlighted Hairstyles/>

Giving your hair some dramatic impact is a cinch when you choose two colors like these. The two colors ignite passion into her hair, a fierce duo that looks extra shocking against black roots.

Red-Purple Underneath

Contrast, contrast, contrast! If your main goal is to create some awesome contrast to your lob, then this is the best way to do it. Leave your natural blonde pieces on top, with a desirable and deep shade of red-purple underneath.

Subtle Purple Piecey Highlights

20 Sassy Purple Highlighted Hairstyles/>

A subtle, soft shade of purple is the ideal match for sandy blonde tresses. They go together magnificently in a way that’s effortless and nice, without being too wild or obnoxious. Sprucing up your look with some ringlets ensures you zone in on femininity.

Mermaid Purple-Blue Ombre

20 Sassy Purple Highlighted Hairstyles/>

Mermaid hair is oh-so-hot right now, as is the ombre hair color technique; and one of the best ways to show off this cool coloring technique is to indulge in some vibrant shades! This deep purple to electric blue blend creates the ‘mermaid’ theme beautifully in a way that’s shocking, yet delightful.

Mermaid Blue-Purple Ombre

20 Sassy Purple Highlighted Hairstyles/>

Opposite to the last hairstyle, this mermaid ombre hair color showcases a fascinating denim blue shade on the top, leading down to a very luscious neon purple. The color contrast is simply divine, especially when enhanced with voluminous ringlets.

Eggplant Purple

20 Sassy Purple Highlighted Hairstyles/>

A hair color you certainly won’t see often: eggplant! Of course we’d love to see more of this fascinating shade, with a perfect blend of violets, deep purples, and a touch of mahogany red. Such a delightful color that’s sure to take over any crowd.