Packing list for a tropical vacation

Packing list for a tropical vacation

Taking a tropical vacation is one of those once-in-a-lifetime things that everyone should try to experience if they can, if only for the stunning weather and the delicious food. In fact, the chances are that if you’re reading this article, you’ve already booked your trip and you don’t need much convincing.

And so instead, today I’ll be sharing just a few of my packing essentials to make sure that you’re covered for any tropical vacation, from a sunset cruise in Riviera Maya to island-hopping trips and yoga retreats. Here’s what to take with you in your luggage.

Packing list for a tropical vacation

1.       Sunscreen

This is almost as important as your phone, although at least you’ll be able to buy sunscreen while you’re there. Make sure you know which sunscreen is best suited to your skin type to make sure that you stay fully protected and go ahead and pack it in your carry on.

2.       Essential meds

Some tropical locations will require you to get vaccinations before you travel, so make sure you do that before you leave. Then, when you’re ready to travel, take a basic first aid kit as well as any essential medications and other bits and bobs you might need such as antihistamines or painkillers.

3.       Bug Spray

Tropical destinations are no shy place for humidity. Perhaps it’s the only downside to a tropical vacation. Where there is humidity there are mosquitos. Do yourself a favor and pack some bug spray or a bug repellent wristband.

4.       Warm clothing

You might think this sounds crazy, but there’s a good reason for it and I’ve been caught out by this before. Depending upon where and when you’re going, while the weather is always gorgeous in the day, it can get surprisingly chilly at night. You’ll want to remember to take a light sweater or denim jacket with you, too.

4.       Compression Cubes

These useful little gadgets are designed to help you to fit as much as you can into as small a space as possible. You can use them on your vacation to leave more space in your luggage to bring things back, and you can also use them for storage once it’s over. So go ahead- pack that extra bikini.


Now you’ve got your vacation booked and you know what you need to pack, you’re ready to hop on that plane. Be sure to bookmark this article and to come back to it when you’re doing your final pack. You’ll also need to order anything you’re missing to make sure that it arrives on time. Happy travels!

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