Best perfumes for women-[2019]

Best perfumes for women-[2019]

Perfume is a complement to the beauty that marks our personality. It cannot be missing if we want to be remembered wherever we go.

The variety of perfumes is untouched today, but they can be broken down according to their natural or artificial essences. The first are those whose origin is of plant origins, such as petals, leaves, branches, roots, fruits, and seeds of different plants. They can also be animals when they are musk, algal, amber, and castoreum. And the others are those that are prepared with chemical compounds.

The perception of an aroma goes far beyond smell. It can convey multiple sensations: cleanliness, well-being, attraction, appetite, or the opposite. Scents have the power to make us travel in time, surely more than once you have perceived a smell that has automatically transferred you to a memory of the past.

These properties have led human beings to use products to improve their smell since ancient times. Perfumes, as we know them today, make us feel better, cleaner, and even more attractive. A pleasant aroma can produce many more effects than you think. Are you curious to know more?

Attrape-Rêves, Louis Vuitton

Best perfumes for women-[2019]

It is the new feminine perfume of Louis Vuitton. Attrape-Rêves, in French, “dream catcher,” was created by Jacques Cavallier Belletreud who, fascinated by the trace of the fleeting moments that they would like to keep forever, imagined a captivating composition: a jubilant perfume that would awaken the senses and be capable of experiencing amazement with him. For this, he created a fragrance guided by the aroma of the African cocoa flower that lightened with the smell of peonies and the essence of patchulol, the modernized heart of patchouli. A magical aromatic dialogue (from € 210).

Fleur d’Argent, Miu Miu

Best perfumes for women-[2019]

It is the new addition to the Miu Miu fragrance portfolio. Sophistication and elegance, in an even more luxurious version than the previous ones. The packaging retains the codes of the previous ones, inspired by the famous matelassé, the classic bag of the fashion house, with pop touches. This time, with silver and pink tones. And the fragrance dances around the tuberose, one of the most elegant flowers in perfumery, mixed with the nuances of musk to complete the floral bouquet. The creator, Daniela Andrier, who has not hesitated to use another of the brand’s favorite ingredients, Akigala wood (from € 63.95)

Bloom, Gucci

Best perfumes for women-[2019]

Gucci opens a new chapter with Bloom under the creative vision of Alessandro Michele. This is ‘Nettare di Fiori,’ the third edition of Bloom that retains the original jasmine chords, the Rangoon vine, and the tubosa, in a higher concentration for greater depth. Femininity fragrance comes from the hand of the rose and the osmanthus. Its launch, starting in October.

34 Boulevard Saint Germain, Diptyque

Best perfumes for women-[2019]

It is part of the new Diptyque collection, Trente-Quatro vintage, an original composition created by Olivier Pescheux in collaboration with the chemist Roman Kaiser. Green and acidic notes mixed with violet, wood, moss, and resin from furniture and incense. And although it was born in 2011, this year it resurfaces firmly becoming this most profound and incisive edition (€ 115).

Women, Calvin Klein

Best perfumes for women-[2019]

It opens a new chapter Calvin Klein with Women, created by Raf Simons as Creative Director of the house. This time it represents a tribute to the multifaceted identity of today’s women . Women is a declaration of femininity and independence and makes it based on eucalyptus berries, orange blossom and Alaskan cedar in a floral and woody composition (from € 55).

Tiffany & Co.

Best perfumes for women-[2019]

In 2017, Tiffany & Co. launched the equivalent in the perfumeries to the brilliants of the most typical jewelry house in the world. Aroma, fragrance, packaging … everything was a compendium of luxury and purity that could not be left behind. So in 2018, he returns with more force with the Tiffany Eau version of Parfum Intense, more potent than the original thanks to the keynote: the iris. In a much more intense concentration than the previous one, the new version echoes its predecessor but with more depth. The background prevails but is strengthened with amber and benzoin. The latest version will be available from October.

Sandalo, Acqua di Parma

Best perfumes for women-[2019]

Acqua di Parma is also premiere. It is the new colony that exalts in sandalwood from India as the main ingredient between the fresh and citrus notes that compose it (bergamot, lemon, orange) and the warm finish that the tonka and amber bean bring. It maintains the tradition of the colony but reinvents itself in a luxurious ‘Eau de Cologne Concentrée.’

Joy, Dior

Best perfumes for women-[2019]

It is the new fragrance of the Maison that for 20 years had not launched a new feminine perfume that was not re-editions. So for this occasion, it was François Demachy who created this new olfactory sensation that interprets the light. Joy is joy, with that we tell you everything (from € 65).

Flower by Kenzo

Best perfumes for women-[2019]

Fragrances in the ‘to go’ format represent 14% of the total fragrances sold in France. The figures speak: perhaps it is our travels that help us discover our scent and make it ours forever. Among the most famous is the Kenzo classic, Flower, created by Alberto Morillas in 2000 as a tribute to the fragility and courage of the poppy. In its formula, Bulgarian rose, pink pepper, vanilla, and white musks combined with the essence of the starflower of the perfume (€ 19.95).

For Her Oil Musc, Narciso Rodriguez

Best perfumes for women-[2019]

The perfume in oil pays tribute to the designer’s most profound inspiration, to the aroma of the bride’s par excellence. The unique Egyptian musk oil, the basis of Narciso Rodriguez’s iconic fragrance is the new release that aims to change our perfume concept in a new format. The essence of the original, reissued in this limited edition (€ 84.50).

Sparkling Blush, Michael Kors

Best perfumes for women-[2019]

It is the new oriental, floral and woody fragrance by Michael Kors. The modern expression of today’s multidimensional woman. The perfume opens with a burst of pink pepper and cassis and is mixed in the heart with rose petals and fresh lily. All this, wrapped in sandalwood. It is irresistible to release the season (from € 56).

L’Interdit, Givenchy

Best perfumes for women-[2019]

The 1957 creation of Givenchy that took as a starting point the friendship between Hubert de Givenchy and Audrey Hepburn is reissued in 2018. A fragrance created by Dominique Ropion, Anne Flipo, and Fanny Bal, emerged again from the contrasts and the forbidden, that is, between the white flowers (orange blossom, jasmine, and tuberose) and the woody tones of the vetiver and patchouli.

Kenzo World

Best perfumes for women-[2019]

Kenzo World reinvents itself with Eau de Parfum Intense, created by Francis Kurkdjian in tandem with Maïa Lernout. Follow the foundations of Kenzo World but magnified radically with the duo of the black plum and the intense vanilla (from € 65).

Kenzo World (‘To Go’)

Best perfumes for women-[2019]

The success “of the eye” has been such that the creative directors of Kenzo Moda, Carol Lim, and Humberto Leon have taken it to the ‘to go’ format with this design, respecting the essence created by Kurkdjian (€ 19.95).

Koena, Ovéh

Best perfumes for women-[2019]

A fragrance where the rose and the wood are the protagonists, among critics such as tangerine, neroli, bergamot, tuberose, sandalwood or white musk. A fresh, dusty, and very, very feminine perfume (€ 29.90).

Paris Venise, Chanel

It is one of the fresh waters of Chanel that also has body lotions. Another simple gesture for day to day with Venice as inspiration. Paris-Venise contrasts the essence of the neroli, fresh and bright, with the warmth of amber, seasoned with vanilla and tonka bean (€ 112).

Afternoons, Carner Barcelona

Best perfumes for women-[2019]

A tribute to the peace & harmony of a summer afternoon: the wheat fields surrounded by almond trees, the warm light is falling at sunset and the warm air that caresses the toasted skin … Remember it the rest of the year is possible with ‘Afternoons,’ with the notes of Egyptian geranium, almond or Rosewood mixed perfectly with the wood of Virginia cedar or the Tonka bean of Venezuela and the background musk (from € 95).

The Only One, Dolce & Gabbana

It is the new bet of Dolce & Gabbana, embodied in the skin of Emilia Clarke in her campaign. It captures the essence of sophistication thanks to the magical combination of violet and coffee, resulting in a floral essence that hypnotizes and engages. An exciting game of contrasts that precisely from the unexpected of this fusion is born its appeal. Violet brings that decorative touch thanks to its combination with bergamot, and it is at the heart of the fragrance where coffee is mixed with lily. Deep down, patchouli and vanilla wrap the fragrance (from € 65.50).

Lanc ô me: La vie, est belle, for a romantic night

Best perfumes for women-[2019]

One of the most famous perfumes of this brand, and is that in addition to Julia Roberts is the image, it has a scent of pear, lavender, jasmine, iris, patchouli, and vanilla. It is a perfume that is very durable, and it only needs to be applied once a day.

This perfume is 2.5 ounces, so it is suitable to take anywhere, even in the carry-on bag for a plane trip. 54% of buyers have been happy with their purchase.

Marc Jacobs: Daisy, Daisies Forever

One of the most influential designers of the last decade, captivating many with their fragrances. Daisy is a favorite among young adults for her grapefruit, musk, vanilla, wood, jasmine, and strawberry notes. With a tender container with a lid in the shape of daisies.

The duration of this fragrance varies significantly because it does not have the same durability in the dry or oily skin. There are different sizes in case you have a tight budget. It is one of the best selling perfumes on Amazon.

Versace: Bright Crystal a floral scent

Best perfumes for women-[2019]

Bright Crystal was created in 2006, has particular aromas of magnolia, pomegranate, yuzu, mahogany, amber, and lotus. That is a fresh, floral, and citrus smell. Its duration is not so long, but it is perfect for a garden party, a picnic, or an event for the day.

There are different sizes of this fragrance; also, it has a very feminine container. You will love this perfume because it is in the ten best-selling perfumes on Amazon.

Carolina Herrera: Ch a basic line

If the woman you are going to give her loves that flower scent, this is undoubtedly the final perfume. It has notes of orange, pink, strawberry, violet, sandalwood, cinnamon, apple tree, bergamot, jasmine, and orange blossom flowers — a scent for a perfect summer day.

Although it was launched in 2011, it is a favorite of the Carolina Herrera brand. That’s why it is one of the best sellers on Amazon and with 83% customer satisfaction.

Chanel: Mademoiselle, elegance, and luxury

Best perfumes for women-[2019]

Chanel is a brand that has been imposed for years as the number one in fashion, and according to fragrances is not far behind. Mademoiselle is a fresh perfume for any time of the day. It has grapefruit, bergamot, musk, patchouli, vanilla, orange, and pink notes.

Its size is 1.7 ounces with an exquisite and subtle design, as is the brand. Although its price is high, it is a fragrance that every woman should have. 75% of buyers are happy.

Vera Wang: Truly Pink floral scent for the whole day

Vera Wang not only designs clothes, but she is also in the fragrance industry. Truly Pink is a scent that stands out from lychee, cassis, lily, roses, peony, and iris. It has a floral smell, from which the person who carries it received high praise. It is perfect for a sunny spring day.

Its price is perfect, but it has such a high budget, but you want to give a unique and suitable gift for any celebration, its size is 3.4 ounces.

Juicy Couture: Viva La Juicy irresistible and sweet

Best perfumes for women-[2019]

This fragrance is for those who love floral, but with a touch of vanilla. It is made up of wild berries, tangerine, gardenia, jasmine, amber, caramel, sandalwood, praline, and of course vanilla. It is a lovely and soft aroma, but that will delight anyone.

Its packaging is very feminine and more because of the pink bow it has on the top. It has an average of 4.2 stars with 72% of satisfied buyers.

Dolce & Gabbana: Light Blue, Mediterranean sensuality

Best perfumes for women-[2019]

It was launched in 2001, but it is a fragrance that is one of the brand’s favorites. It certainly has a citrus touch for its notes of rose, musk apple, and jasmine that are the most active ingredients that this perfume stands out.

Its packaging is straightforward, simple, but very charming. If the woman you will give her likes a discreet aroma, but revealing this will be her favorite. 67% of buyers love are fragrant.

Katy Perry: Purr Flashing Scent

Best perfumes for women-[2019]

The famous singer has a line of fragrances for fans of her music and for those who love to have a pleasant smell in her clothes and body. The Purr perfume is floral and fruity for its scent of freesia jasmine, rose, coconut, vanilla, orchid, musk, sandalwood, and a red apple. Its packaging is very peculiar to have the cat-shaped lid.

Its aroma lasts longer if you put it at least twice a day. Its price is very accessible for any budget, so do not miss the opportunity to give away.

Dior: J’Adore elegance and durability

Best perfumes for women-[2019]

A fragrance that imposes by its smell and exceptional time that has been in the market. Its notes smelling of jasmine, vanilla, cedar, blackberry, raspberry, violet, orchid, melon, peach, bergamot, tangerine, rose and pear are some of the ingredients that continue to captivate many women.

It is incredibly durable, so applying it in the morning will suffice to smell good all day. The bottle is elegant, ideal for women who want to excel. It has an average of 4.3 stars.

Tommy Girl, Tommy Hilfiger, the freshest women’s perfume

Best perfumes for women-[2019]

100 ml Eau de toilette for women by the famous Tommy Hilfiger brand, It is a classic fragrance that never goes out of style, thanks to its exquisite aroma and elegance. This perfume transmits a refreshing and energetic character, but at the same time sweet and pleasant. Ideal for day-to-day use or special occasions.

It belongs to the floral olfactory family – fruity. Its formulation includes a particular combination of wildflowers, apple blossoms, honeysuckle, grapefruit, leather, and cedar. He wants to symbolize the classic spirit of the American woman. Its packaging is also perfect but practical. It has a cap to optimize its conservation.

5th Avenue, Elizabeth Arden, the most sophisticated woman’s perfume

Best perfumes for women-[2019]

75 ml Fragrance of the Eau de perfume type. It is a luxurious and classy perfume in every way. Inspired by the architecture of Manhattan, try to capture the cache and glamor of Fifth Avenue (5th Avenue). It transmits femininity to the classical style and sophistication, in addition to the energy of the great New York.

It belongs to the floral and oriental aromatic family. Its composition includes a delicious mix of Asian, western flowers and unmistakable touches of vanilla and jasmine. Overall, it is a beautiful fragrance for prominent occasions or as a night perfume. Ideal for women with style, success, and self-confidence.

Tous, the classic perfume for women that never fails

Best perfumes for women-[2019]

90 ml Eau de perfume fragrance that has been described as a “perfume-jewel.” Tous, a prestigious jewelry brand, in 2002, launched this fragrance to capture its excellent taste in a perfume. It has been designed for simple and classic women. Without a doubt, the perfect choice for the daily life of a woman of the 21st century

It belongs to the floral family. Its formulation combines exquisitely floral nuances with woody aromas. The result is a fragrance that conveys elegance, femininity, and discretion — a sweet and lovely smell. The bottle reflects the same characteristics as its content: classic and elegant, with the unmistakable Tous bear.

Be Delicious, Donna Karan, the most natural woman’s perfume

Best perfumes for women-[2019]

100 ml Perfume water of the prestigious brand, Donna Karan. Its light and natural aroma give a refreshing and carefree air. Its composition combines an exclusive mixture of apples, exotic flowers, and wood. Together, they create a fresh and juicy fragrance that inspires its successful name: delicious.

DKNY Be Delicious is a fragrance that belongs to the floral-fruity olfactory family. It was released in 2004 by Maurice Roucel, and since then it has been a sales success. It has an exclusive apple-shaped bottle with a comfortable applicator. In addition to facilitating its application, promotes the proper preservation of the product.

In2U, Calvin Klein, the perfume of women with more personality

Best perfumes for women-[2019]

100 ml, eau de toilette. It is a floral and oriental family fragrance. It is a real burst of sensations that give it a passionate, seductive, intense, and impressive character. Its formulation combines touches of grapefruit, rose, orchid, vanilla, and amber. This overwhelming mixture gives it an unmistakable aroma.

The characteristics of the perfume make it ideal for special occasions or as a night perfume. Its exclusivity is not limited to the composition, but also extends to the container. The bottle simulates a glass bottle with a white plastic cover, mimicking the design of an iPod. Also, Calvin Klein is synonymous with quality.

Miu Miu Twist

Best perfumes for women-[2019]

A sensual floral perfume created by perfumer Daniela Andrier in collaboration with designer Miuccia Prada. You can see the notes of bergamot, apple blossom, and background with cedarwood and pink amber. A fragrance designed for younger, daring and glamorous girls.

Girl of Now Shine by Elie Saab

Best perfumes for women-[2019]

Girl of Now has never stood out among women’s perfumes, despite its feminine, explosive, and intense fragrance thanks to the exclusive Ormond Flor scent created solely for the brand.

The new and improved Shine version, however, has already begun to win fans all over the world. With the notes of orange, patchouli and almonds, the aromas of pineapple that intensify the note of pistachio, ylang-ylang, and jasmine are highlighted, highlighting the unique fragrance of Flor de Ormond and, finally, vanilla and jasmine that they wrap the base notes of patchouli.

White Suede Eau de Parfum by Tom Ford

Best perfumes for women-[2019]

Tom Ford is a stylist known for the feminine sensuality of his creations, and this fragrance incorporates all his style.

The top note is musk, but its aroma has been altered to further increase its aphrodisiac power, with the addition of Bulgarian roses. This soft and sensual exit is then followed by the hot and heady aroma of suede, with amber nuances.

The result is a fresh perfume mixed with the heat of the leather.

Violet Ida by Miller Harris

Best perfumes for women-[2019]

With the trendy vintage style, Miller Harris has been inspired by the literary heroine Ida Arnold, from the book Brighton Rock by Graham Greene, to create what is already considered one of the best women’s perfumes of 2019.

Launched this year, the fragrance mixes the softness and romantic aroma of violets, with notes of creamy vanilla and bergamot.

Just like the heroine who wears violets in her hair, this perfume also reflects the goodness and boldness of the protagonist.

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