Best Birthday Gift Ideas For a One-Year-Old

Best Birthday Gift Ideas For a One-Year-Old

Your baby’s first birthday is a milestone for both the parents and the baby. If you’re looking for fun gift ideas for a one-year-old baby, we’ve got you covered. Whether you’re a parent wanting to gift your bundle of joy something special on his/her milestone birthday, or a grandparent, uncle or aunt wanting to spoil the little one with fabulous gifts, here are some popular gift ideas.

Cute Birthday Outfits

Get your little baby dressed up in the cutest outfits on their special day. First birthday outfits need to be fun and celebratory since you’ll be clicking pictures of your baby all decked up and smashing her cake, or hosting a grand party for friends and family, and your baby will be cynosure of all eyes. A nice ensemble with matching accessories will make your little one ready to party in style. If you’re hosting a character-themed birthday, it’s best to dress your baby in outfits that fit the theme.

Birthday Boy Outfit Ideas

For boys, we love an onesie with a Mickey Mouse-themed vest printed on it, making it look formal and festive without the baby having to wear multiple pieces. You’ll also find onesies in other popular kids’ themes such as Sesame Street that toddlers will love wearing. Onesies with faux printed suspenders and shorts make them look super-cute. We recommend buying these specially-designed onesies for your baby boy’s first birthday party, which are comfy and cozy to wear, yet look different and unique.

Birthday Girl Outfit Ideas

For little girls, there are many choices out there. We love custom onesies printed with the baby’s name and the number 1. A blush pink onesie with gold printed details and a tulle tutu skirt is a very trendy first birthday outfit idea for a baby girl. Unicorn printed dresses or onesies paired with a skirt are top favorites with parents and toddler girls. A custom onesie with a tutu is our top pick for a baby girl’s first birthday outfit. The Bitsy Bug Boutique has the cutest collection of onesies and outfits for babies that will make your birthday girl/boy look truly special on his/her landmark birthday.

Age-Appropriate Toys

As your little baby steps into toddlerhood, she will love to explore the world and will be more active and playful. Fun and engaging toys that boost her physical and mental development make for delightful presents.

Sensory toys that also promote mobility and fine motor skills are recommended for one-year-olds since their brains are developing so quickly. You can customize the gifts by adorning your loved one’s names, pictures and also, You can consider something as exclusive as a Disney Subscription box that has several official Disney toys and accessories

Sensory Toys

Hide n Side Crawl Tunnels are thrilling for babies and toddlers since they find the entire experience of playing peek-a-boo and seeing their parents at the other of the tunnel funny and rewarding. Plus, they can crawl in and out of the tunnel for hours of unlimited playtime.

As your baby hits the one year mark, he/she is gaining tremendous control of movement and begins to understand the cause/effect function. Toys that reinforce their ability to think are great for overall development. Fill and spill toys are a great way to encourage little ones to learn the concept of losing and finding things. A baby basket with soft toys that the baby can fill in and then remove helps develops his hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills. Opt for a multi-textured playset with toys that make various sounds to encourage the baby to touch, feel and experience the toys as she enjoy filling them in the basket, emptying them out, repeating the process over and over again.

Lego blocks, pull-along toys, wooden blocks, rattles and musical toys such as a musical rhymes book are also suitable gifts for a one-year-old.

Rocking and Ride-On Toys

1-year-old babies have already gained enough muscle strength to pull up independently, and will very soon be walking on their own. They’re ready to explore the world on their feet and love motion. Rocking toys are a fun way to build their core strength and balance, with the back-and-forth motion offering a soothing sensory experience. Toddlers love rocking horses and can spend countless hours riding on their favorite horse. Choose a rocker with a safe design to prevent falling and injuries.

A ride-on car or coupe is perfect for a growing toddler who loves to be at the wheels. While your baby may not be coordinated enough to pedal a tricycle, a ride-on toy will give him the feeling that’s he’s able to zoom around the neighborhood on his own.


Do you know that books are the best way to bond with your baby since babies love loving snuggling with their parents or caregivers? Age-appropriate books are a great investment to help your baby learn new words and develop good reading habits. Toddlers and babies love books with large-sized pictures and illustrations in bright colors. Choose books with pictures of babies, animals or their favorite characters to get them interested (great list of books for toddlers in 2020, here). Toddlers also love interactive books with sounds, textures, flaps, and finger puppets, so they can touch, listen, and feel – great for their sensory development. Board books that are easy to hold are a safe-bet for babies and toddlers of all ages. Cloth-based books are a durable choice for toddlers, promoting sensory development, thanks to their soft texture.

Photo Frames

Photo frames help capture and freeze precious moments in a baby’s life that parents will cherish forever. Picture frames with multiple picture inserts that allow parents to display different moods of their baby is a practical first birthday present that can adorn the walls of the baby’s room or home. Custom 1st birthday picture frames with the baby’s name on it or a colorful picture of a cupcake is a great way to frame a memorable photo from the baby’s first birthday party or a photoshoot.


The first birthday is a memorable occasion for the entire family with everyone rejoicing the important milestone that their baby has achieved. For more great toddler gift ideas visit As you look forward to another year of fun and adventure with your toddler, make their special day truly memorable with cute outfits, toys and maybe a big birthday celebration to round off the day with wonderful memories.

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