5 amazing ways to reduce waste on your child’s next birthday

5 amazing ways to reduce waste on your child’s next birthday

Birthday celebrations would be one of the most cherished highlights your offspring will have once he grows up. Stats reveal that parents are spending as much as $50,000 to make their kid’s birthdays memorable. So, it would only be fair if you do justice to it, and celebrate it in the best fashion, using your resources optimally.

But talking about resources, one cannot ignore the fact they too are limited, and even though you have enough, you should take it in your will to not waste any of the resources.

So today, we will discuss what you can do to reduce wastage in your child’s birthday party. Stick with me till the end and you will understand that there is nothing extra that you need to do. In fact, these few tips mentioned below will not only help you spend your resources optimally but also help you save money.

  1. Online invitations over Paper-based invitations

Gone are the days when you used to send traditional paper-based invitations door-to-door. It’s 2020 and technology is ghastly taking over in all the industries. So why not turn it to your favor?

Plus, inviting people with the old-school paper invites will not only add to your to-do list, but exhaust a lot of resources which would have been otherwise utilized better.

Nowadays, even the big-shot event managers suggest sending invites via social media. It has multiple benefits like cost-friendly, eco-friendly, time-saving and it’s also very easy to make. You can find various ready-to-use formats or templates available for birthday invitations on the internet.

  1. Switch from plastic Balloons to eco-friendly decorations

Wait, what did we just say? A birthday party without balloons? Are we kidding? Are we taking things way too far just to make it eco-friendly? Absolutely NOT!

The idea is to use reusable decorations. Balloons, too, nowadays have become mainstream and outdated, and doing something out of the box will make your child feel special. Plus, there are so many beautiful alternatives available like glittery pom-poms, paper lanterns or paper ribbons.

  1. Don’t use paper plates and paper napkins

Paper plates may seem like an easy and cheap alternative but in the long run, it does more harm than good.

All the trouble of washing the utensils latter might seem like a lot to do in comparison to disposing of the paper plates, but the one-time cost of paper plates, napkins, and plastic cutlery is much more than the multi-use of sustainable cutlery.

You can also make cloth napkins at home to prevent the costs of paper napkins.

  1. Say NO to Gift Culture

Your guests bring gifts for your child and to acknowledge them, you prepare return-gift favors. The next time you send your child to a birthday party, you give them gifts, and they follow the same drill. What is the result? As much as 18 lego sets, only to impale your child’s feet.

The idea is to abandon the gift culture because it brings no good. Also, apart from saving, it teaches your child to not be materialistic, which is very important.

So, what is the alternative? Donations. Teach your child to donate at local charities, NGOs or organizations running for a cause. Giving will make them more compassionate and they will experience inner joy.

  1. Invite who are valued

Keep your circle small and wise, because those are the ones who actually matter. People are often deceived by the idea of making it grand and invite the entire list of acquaintances who hardly ever cross your path. But what’s the whole point of inviting people who would neither enjoy themselves nor make you feel comfortable?

So instead, keep your invite guest list limited to only those people who will be happy in your child’s celebration. Trust me the fun will be much more when the circle is close-knit. A long invitation list will not only add to a lot of work but also cost a lot of resources.

Have fun!

All the above tips aren’t just restricted to saving resources on your birthdays but is also about how you can plan your birthdays better. Remember, it’s not about being miser but you just need to be wiser! ?

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