10 Advice to new mothers

10 Advice to new mothers

While observing childbirth, one may find significant tasks that have to be performed timely and are sensitive. The parents have to prepare for many things like baby clothes, furniture for the baby, feeders, nursing bras, and many other gadgets that are designed to ease the task.

Here are a few tips which might help you out in managing your routine and coping up with the changed habits and lifestyle.

Tip 1: Assembling A First-Aid Kit For The Baby

Many useful tips for new mothers include a list of those things that you need to have on hand at home constantly. This will facilitate the care of the newborn. Most importantly, one cabinet must be assigned to hold all the medicines for the baby and baby care products.

  1. Baby Oil
  2. Zinc Ointment For Rashes
  3. Baby Powder
  4. Wet Wipes, Wet Discs, Sterile Cotton Wool (For Possible Hygiene Reasons)
  5. Spare Diapers

Tip 2: Essentials For A Mother

Taking care of the mother’s health is very crucial for herself and the baby as well. A few important products have to be present at hand all the time.

  1. Cream for nipples’ crack
  2. Pads for periods after childbirth (you can take ordinary ones but with maximum absorption)
  3. Postpartum brace for quick recovery of abdominal muscles
  4. Breast pump
  5. Nursing bras for feeding

Tip 3: Helping Your Baby With Colic And Bowel Movements

When we talk about newborns, there are several issues that mothers have to diagnose for the baby with some external help and experience. In particular, a newborn cannot always empty his intestines. This condition will cause him discomfort. Easy massage in a circular motion of the tummy will help the baby cope with this problem.

If the child suffers from colic, you need to shift it to the tummy and do a light massage from the side. Often, a newborn suffers from colic immediately after eating. Carry the child for sometime after eating, so the problem can be curtailed.

Tip 4: Organizing A Newborn’s Sleep

Useful tips for young mothers usually include recommendations on how to create ideal conditions for a newborn’s sleep. Such as, the room in which the baby will sleep should be well ventilated. The baby should be sufficiently wrapped. Newborns fall asleep better if they have the opportunity to bury their nose in something soft and warm. If the baby falls asleep in your arms, do not immediately shift it to the crib. The fast phase in infants occurs only 20-30 minutes after falling asleep, which means that during this period they will easily wake up.

Tip 5: Walking With A Newborn

As for the interaction between a mother and her child, tips for taking a walk together can be quite different on the Internet. Let us consider the key points first.

Walking with a newborn is interconnected primarily with the fact that the baby must adapt to a new space. All the advice to mothers of newborns suggests that it is best to teach a baby to walk on a stroller in advance. The first walk should be very short, around 15-20 minutes. If we are talking about cold wintertime, then you can train the baby first on the balcony, so that he gets used to cold temperatures. On average, during the first 30-40 days, babies get all the new sensations that they experience.

Tip 6: Dealing With Diaper Rash

A diaper rash is a nuisance that almost all young mothers face. When the baby’s skin is in contact with moisture for a long time (for example, at night it is not always possible to change the diaper often), irritation and red “crusts” appear on it. This skin is irritating and needs constant care and hydration. Therefore, you do not need to wash your baby with soap that dries the skin. It is necessary to wash the baby with just water, and then treat diaper rash with a healing cream and consult which cream to choose from a pediatrician observing the child. And be sure to give your baby air baths i.e. the time when he is not wearing a diaper so that the skin breathes.

Tip 7: how to cut the nails of the baby

Here, useful tips for moms about babies are simple: it’s easiest to cut your baby’s nails while he’s sleeping. Buy special baby scissors: they have rounded ends, thus reducing the risk of injuring the baby during this procedure.

Tip 8: Follow The Regime, Avoid Extremes

Of course, the regimen is useful for a small child. He not only ensures the normal functioning of a small organism but also accustoms the baby to the internal routine, which makes his life calmer. Therefore, feeding, going to bed, taking a bath (see below) and other procedures are useful to carry out according to the schedule so that the baby develops an “internal clock”. But if suddenly your baby wants to sleep early, or eat, do not refuse him. The disorder will negatively affect the psyche, while deviation from the schedule for a short time will not affect the daily routine as a whole.

Tip 9: Bathing Newborn

In the first ten days, the crust on the umbilical wound disappears in the newborn, and if until that time it is recommended only to wipe it with a damp sponge, then after that you can slowly begin full-fledged water procedures. In the first month of a baby’s life, it is better to use a special bath, so it will be easier to manage with a baby. A stable plastic bath with a wide base and a removable or inflatable hammock will provide comfort for both the baby and mom when bathing. At the same time, the small size of the bath will not allow the baby to slip into the water.

The temperature of the water in the bath should not be too high. It is better to start with a person’s body temperature, that is, from 36-37 degrees, and gradually increasing it. But you can teach your baby to take a bath in cool water. You can also use baby shower gel.

Tip 10: Organizing A Young Mom’s Routine

Of course, having a baby is a joyful and happy moment for the family. But at the same time, it can be a lot of stress, especially for a young mother. In addition to caring for the baby, she also has to look after the rest of the house.

The most important piece of advice here is that you shouldn’t strive to do everything all at once. It’s impossible. It is better to divide the task, for example, cleaning a room into several stages per day. This will save energy and give time to relax, too, while the baby will sleep. After all, there is no guarantee that the newborn will let you sleep at night.


Feel free to ask your spouse for help. He should help you to the best of his ability, for example, to get up at night for feeding on a bottle (if pre-filtering is done). Shopping trips for diapers, etc., can also be assigned to the spouse, who now is a happy father.

The competent and reasonable distribution of the life schedule with the newborn will allow you to remain satisfied and happy, and yet this is so important for maintaining family harmony.

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