Why you should be using invisible lip liner

Why you should be using invisible lip liner

Why you should be using invisible lip liner

We can all agree that the makeup world is saturated with too many products. However, every once in a while, a makeup product comes along that exceeds everyone’s expectations. When that happens, those products are never more than an arm’s reach away – they are that good.

And that product is invisible lip liner. It will make your life easier and, therefore, earn a place in your heart and makeup collection. Here are just three reasons why invisible lip liner will become your holy-grail product.

If you are one of those people who think lip liner should have stayed in the 90s, hear us out. Invisible liner is clear, so it’s unlikely you end with discolouration around your lips. and it’s not your grandmother’s lip liner. There’s not a mauve or dusty rose shade in sight.

Why you should be using invisible lip liner

Rimmel London Moisture Renew Lip Liner from Boots

And, because it’s clear, it’s compliments every lipstick in your collection. Clear lip liner does it all.

Clear lip liner is the hero of multi-tasking beauty products.  Use it as a primer by lining and filling in your lips before going in with lipstick. This will ensure that your colour stays put all day and glide on smoothly.

You can also use it to line just above your natural lip line. This way your lip colour won’t bleed or feather. It also fills in the fine liners around your mouth, meaning no more fuzzy lips at the end of the day.

One slip of the hand with some hot pink liner and your perfect pout is ruined. One slip with invisible liner and no one notices. It’s the one product that you can apply in your car, on the train or without a mirror.

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