Why Do People Wear Durags?

Why Do People Wear Durags?

Durags have been used to help people lay their hair down and get the style that they want. The history of durags dates back to the 19th century; many people are now asking why do people wear durags?

If you’re someone that’s been asking this question, then you’re going to find all the answers that you’re looking for in this article. Continue reading and get the 411 on all the reasons that people wear durags.

Style Maintenance

If you’ve got braids or another hairstyle that requires maintenance, the best way to do this is to wear a durag at night. The durag will keep the hair at the base of the braids from becoming frizzy after a restful night.

People with braids enjoy using durags because all of the flyaway hair can be irritating if it keeps falling in your face. A durag ensures that your hair remains laid down for a while after removing the durag from your head.

Another style that a durag helps people maintain are those 360′ waves you’ve heard so much about. It’s training your hair to remain in that style after a period of hair brushing, oiling, and then putting your durag or “wave cap” as some people call it on.

Changes Hair Texture

Some people would like for the texture of their hair to be more manageable. They are told to achieve this by applying various oils to their hair, which helps to moisturize it and then put the durag on.

As time goes on and they continue their routine, they’ll find that their hair is softer and easier to work with.

Catch Sweat

Whenever someone’s been working out or moving things from one place to another, it can cause them to begin sweating. An excellent use for a durag is to keep sweat from rolling down your forehead and into your eyes, which can cause irritation because of the salt found in sweat.

Sweat rolling into your eyes may not seem like a huge issue until it happens, and you experience momentary burning because of it.

Prevents Hair Damage

When we say hair damage, we mean if you’ve got coloring in your hair or other hair treatments. When your hair is exposed to sunlight for too long, it can be damaged by the sun’s harsh ultraviolet rays.

This may have happened to you before you’ve gotten your hair freshly colored, and then you go to the beach for a couple of hours. By the time you’ve left the beach, your hair may have changed its color.

Instead of dealing with this, all you’ve got to do is put on a durag to protect your hair.

Why Do People Wear Durags?

When it comes to why do people wear durags, all of the things we’ve listed above are reasons that you should be wearing one. From taming fussy hair strands to keeping a style intact, a durag is all you need.

If this article provided you with the answers that you’ve been looking for, we encourage you to continue reading some of the other articles we’ve published in the blog section.

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