Ways to style Men’s Gilets this Autumn

Ways to style Men’s Gilets this Autumn

Ways to style Men’s Gilets this Autumn

As we head towards cooler days and longer nights, our attention turns towards fashion layering. While all men want to remain fashionable, keeping warm during the Autumn and Winter months is paramount.

For most fellas, jackets and men’s coats are still the first fashion choice of layering to protect them from the elements. However, for guys on the go who just require that little extra protection as they go about their normal daily lives, the gilet is the perfect choice.

Here at Men’s fashion Ireland, we give you some helpful fashion tips to styling your gilet this Autumn.

One of the many great features that the gilet has to offer is its flexibility as a stylish fashion garment. It’s light structure still offers insulation to the body while offering more freedom of movement to the body.

As a favourite choice of outerwear for sports people, this sleeveless number can make any guy look fashionable when worn with most types of athleisurewear. It’s lightweight material makes it easy for most athletes to manoeuvre their body without the constraints heavy sports tops or coats.

Away from sports, the gilet is a great fashion choice for men of all ages to look smart without the hindrance of a weighty full body jacket. It’s armless appearance allows the wearer just enough thermal protection without the need for full covering over clothes worn underneath.

They are stylish and sophisticated while at the same time a trendy fashion garment for unpredictable weather.

Ways to style Men’s Gilets this Autumn

Men’s Gilet from The North Face

Whether your choice of gilet is a fleece, wool or padded finish, the key to wearing a gilet the proper way is it’s fit. Yes personal preference of style is the wearers choice.

However, the quality gilet should provide enough room around the arms without looking saggy for your arms to move with freedom. A fitted finish is always an important look for any gilet. It should sit perfectly 2 inches below your waistline.

The great thing about the gilet it is designed to make a fashion statement. Available in so many wonderful colours and designs it’s easy to choose one that’s right for you.

It can be paired with jeans and tee for those really casual day looks. Moving your look up a notch, a fitted gilet can fuse effortlessly with a men’s shirt and trousers semi formal appearances.

The key thing here is to opt for tones that can pair with the rest of your wardrobe. Plain navy, black or greys hues are always a safe choice. Ensure your choice of material is washable and try and avoid dry-clean only. A good gilet should be colour blocked so it balances with the rest of your assemble.

As we said earlier, the gilet is a great choice for any sportsman given its lightweight feel and appearance. Given its a great choice of layering, a quality gilet can be fused easily with most athleisurewear of today.

If your choice of gilet is neutral in design and colour, it can be worn on and off the track or field.

When it comes to choosing your gilet primarily for sports activity there are a few more things to consider. Ensure your choice of gilet caters for your choice of activity.

If you spend a lot of time running, then a light material that will keep you insulated as you run is the right choice. For those of you guys who spend more time outdoors working than in, then something more padded is for you.

Don’t forget gilets with zippers or pockets can keep your car keys, phone or wallet safe. Choice of colours is less important when choosing a gilet for sports fashion wear. However, do consider shades if you are thinking or having it as a cross over between sports and street wear fashion.

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