UK Fashion shoppers to pay heavy price for No Brexit deal

UK Fashion shoppers to pay heavy price for No Brexit deal

UK Fashion shoppers to pay heavy price for No Brexit deal

In Irish fashion news, fashion shoppers in the UK could pay a heavy price if the UK fail to agree a deal with the European Commission over Brexit.

The BRC (British Retail Consortium) which was formed back in 2002 to look after the interests of UK retailers are very worried that a “No Deal” scenario could spell disaster for the UK fashion sector.

This comes in the wake of British Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s announcement last week that the UK should be bracing themselves for a “No Deal” in light of the failure of the EU and UK to reach a deal in trade talks.

Mt Johnson’s official spokesperson stepped up the No Deal situation last week after the UK premier told the people in the United Kingdom in a live televised address that “The trade talks are over – the EU have effectively ended now with the European Commission  saying they did not want to change their negotiating position.”

According to the Chief Executive Officer of the British Retail Consortium Helen Dickinson, this would spell disaster for the British fashion consumer who would be hit with higher costs passed on by UK retailers.

Dickinson believes that Mr Johnson’s comments are cause for concern and more or less informing UK retailers to prepare for a “No Deal” scenario.

Helen said” There is nothing retailers can do to insulate consumers from the impact of £3 billion (€333 billion euro) of new tariffs on food in our supermarkets. Moreover, new checks and red tape that will apply from 1 January will create additional disruption in the supply of many goods that come from or through the EU.

“The Government must do what is necessary to agree a zero-tariff agreement, or else it will be the public that pay the price.”
According to some experts, the cost of fashion items imported by British fashion retailers into the UK from within the EU could rise on average by as much as 12%. This cost would have to be absorbed by the British consumer.”

Already, some UK on-line fashion retailers who sell to European consumers are making plans of their own by setting up or buying fashion associated companies that already operate within EU.

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