Top nail polish colours for every skin tone

Top nail polish colours for every skin tone

Top nail polish colours for every skin tone

The best part of having a lot of nail polish shades to choose from is the freedom to express yourself. You can wear any colour, play around with different textures and finishes.

But how do you know which shades work best with your skin tone? Whether you are looking for your perfect match or to make a statement, here at Makeup & Beauty Tips Ireland we will show you the top shades for your skin colour.

For dark skin tones, we recommend sticking with vibrant shades of red and pink. They are classics, which means they will never go out of style and are easy to match your outfit to. You can also rock fiery-reds and mauve-pinks.

Due to cooler undertones, dark skin types work well with bold nail polish colours.

Medium to olive skin tones can get away with wearing a variety of shades. Although many do work with your skin, it’s best to choose ones that are truly flattering. If your skin is on the warm side, pick colours that has orange or red undertones to make your skin pop.

But who’s to say you cannot make a statement every now and then. If you want a nail polish shade that stands out, go for a teal colour.

Luckily for you with medium skin tones, there are a wide variety of nail colours that suit you. So, getting the right colour just comes down to personal preference. You can go with bubble gum pinks to moody plum purple tones.

For shades that truly flatter your skin tone, stick with pastels or bright coral colours. And don’t be afraid to mix things up by layering a glitter nail polish over a colour one.

It’s all about light and ethereal shades for those of you with light skin tones. Think sandy beige colours that are almost transparent. These, along with pale pastel hues, look flattering against your light skin.

However, sometimes beige is not your thing. In that case, go for off-white shades or dusty pinks.

Pale skin tones has typically cooler undertones so look for cooled toned nail colours. Also, it’s best to stick to light shades, like soft pinks or sheer champagne tones.

However, that doesn’t mean you cannot go bold every now and then. If you want to embrace your dark side, go for something like a dark navy blue. But if blue is not your colour, go warmer with reds or warm golds. These shades will make your fair skin pop. And you cannot go wrong with a fire-engine red for a striking look.

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