A bridal maang tikka is a traditional jewellery worn by Indian brides on their wedding day. It is a beautiful and intricate ornament placed at the centre of the hairline and is believed to enhance the spiritual and emotional well-being of the bride. The maang tikka is not only a symbol of marriage but also represents the bride’s cultural heritage and adds a touch of elegance to her wedding attire. From classic designs that have been popular for generations to contemporary styles that are in vogue today, there are countless options for bridal maang tikka designs. In this article, we will explore the different types of maang tikka designs and their significance in Indian weddings and offer tips on choosing the perfect maang tikka to complete your bridal look.

Tips for Wearing a Maang Tikka on Your Wedding Day:

Wearing a maang tikka on your wedding day can be a beautiful and meaningful addition to your bridal look. However, wearing and keeping it in place throughout the day can also be challenging. Here are some tips to help you wear your maang tikka with ease and grace:

  • Choose The Right Hairstyle: Your hairstyle can make a big difference in how your maang tikka looks and stays in place. It is best to choose a hairstyle centred around the maang tikka that allows it to sit comfortably and securely on your forehead. You can also use bobby pins to secure the tikka chain to your hair.
  • Use The Right Size of Tikka: The size and chain length of the maang tikka should be proportionate to your face size and shape. It is important to choose a tikka that is not too heavy or too light, as this can make it difficult to keep it in place. It is also important to adjust the length of the chain so that it sits comfortably on your forehead.
  • Coordinate with Your Outfit: The maang tikka should complement your wedding outfit and other jewellery pieces. It is best to choose a tikka that matches the colour and style of your outfit and pairs well with your earrings, necklace, and bangles.
  • Practice Wearing it Before The Wedding: It is a good idea to practice wearing your maang tikka before the wedding day. This will give you an idea of how it feels and how to adjust it to stay in place. You can also try wearing it for a few hours to get used to the weight and placement.
  • Avoid Touching it Too Much: Once you have placed your maang tikka on your forehead, avoid touching it too much. This can cause it to move around or fall off. Instead, let it sit naturally and enjoy your wedding day.

By following these tips, you can wear your maang tikka confidently and elegantly on your wedding day and add a touch of traditional charm to your bridal look.

Stunning and New Maang Tikka Designs for Brides:

Choosing maang tikka for Bridal is not easy due to the availability of a huge variety and designs in the market. Let’s look at the best bridal maang tikka designs options for the bride. Pick any bridal maang tikka designs matching your outfits, and let your headpiece steal the show.

1. Large Maang Tikka:

Top 9 Beautiful Indian Bridal Maang Tikka Designs

A large maang tikka can add a unique style statement to your ensemble. It comes in different designs and styles. So if a bride wants to make her unique style, she can choose this large maang tikka style. It will give you a look that will make you stand out.

2. Passa or Jhoomar:

Top 9 Beautiful Indian Bridal Maang Tikka Designs

You have seen this mostly worn by Muslim brides. These kinds of tikkas consist of side 2-3 side strings which fall on the side of the forehead. One can wear this with the centre maang tikka or alone on the side of your forehead. No matter how you wear it, it will give you a royal look.

3. Multi-Layer Maang Tikka:

Top 9 Beautiful Indian Bridal Maang Tikka Designs

Multi-Layer maang tikka is also known as “Matha-Patti”. This style is widely used by brides, as it has the stings that go with the hairlines and can decorate the whole head of the bride. It sits gracefully on the head with the look of a crown. It is a perfect piece to grab the attention of itself and the bride.

4. Borla Maang Tikka:

Top 9 Beautiful Indian Bridal Maang Tikka Designs

The beautiful spherical-shaped maang tikka is mostly designed with the meenakari work with studded stones and pearls. It comes with side chain strings too. When the bridal wear this stunning Borla style maang tikka, it gives a royal look to the bride.

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5. One-Layer Maang Tikka:

Top 9 Beautiful Indian Bridal Maang Tikka Designs

One-layer maang consists of single chain strands on both sides designed with colourful stone drops. For a bride who wants to decorate her hairlines but with a lightly weighted maang tikka, then this style will work best for them. It is a perfect ornament to add charm to your bridal appeal.

6. Chand Tikka:

Top 9 Beautiful Indian Bridal Maang Tikka Designs

This is a traditional design of Indian bridal tikka, which has been used for years. The chand tikka, designed with clear crystals and a little pearl drop, is ideal for your wedding day. The best part of this style is that it suits all face shapes.

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7. Stone and Diamond Tikka:

Top 9 Beautiful Indian Bridal Maang Tikka Designs

This one is the simplest design in the category of maang tikka. Choose a stone-studded tikka that matches your outfit. The beautiful maang tikka bridal studded with the maroon pendant looks elegant and understated, giving you a minimalist bride look.

8. Tear Drop Maang Tikka:

Top 9 Beautiful Indian Bridal Maang Tikka Designs

Tear drop maang tikka is a part of pendant style maang tikka. Brides with smaller faces can pick this classic maang designed with red and white stones. A bride who doesn’t like carrying heavy jewellery could opt for the tear-drop maang tikka.

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9. Simply Gold Maang Tikka:

Top 9 Beautiful Indian Bridal Maang Tikka Designs

Yet another style of an Indian bridal tikka has been a popular favourite for many years. This is one style of Maang tikka bridal that never fades away. A simple pendant of pure gold with no other gems and stones can enhance your look traditionally and elegantly.

As we know, the maang tikka is an ornament used to wear right on the forehead, and that’s why it is instantaneously visible. Due to its instant visibility, the brides should choose the maang tikka designs with utmost care. The bridal maang tikka designs range from gold to kundan to diamond, and there is a wide variety of designs you can choose from.

An Indian bride is incomplete without a maang tikka on her forehead. The more unique and designer your maang tikka will be, the better you look on your wedding day. Team up your maang tikka with the other bridal jewellery ornaments, and you will be ready to stand out from the crowd.