Tips to help you find your signature style

Tips to help you find your signature style

Tips to help you find your signature style

Having your own signature style can make getting dressed a lot simpler. It means you know what works for you and how to pull a look together.

But there’s a difference between having a signature and a uniform. A signature is an essence that you put across. Just having one look can make you look kooky. The aim, therefore, is to be stylish and not stale. Read on for our tips on how to create your signature style.

You won’t find your signature style overnight. A lot of it comes down to experimentation. But always trust your gut. If you feel uncomfortable in something, don’t wear it. Chances are it’s not the right look for you.

This discomfort happens with the outside doesn’t match the inside. Your clothes reflect who you are. They express something about you before you’ve even said a word. Choose a look that echoes the way you see the world. If you wear something that jars with your personality, it’ll show.

There are a few style moves that haven’t been attempted before, so finding your signature could be as easy as following the leader. Look at men who look like you and base your style on them.

If you’re tall and lean, Jeff Goldblum’s spin on tailoring could be your blueprint. If tailoring isn’t for you, take a look at the streetwear-inspired wardrobe of Jonah Hill.

Finding your signature style comes with trial and error. By emulating your style icons, you cut out a lot of that error.

A signature style should suit you and should physically work with your body shape. Take the time to figure out how a handful of clothes should fit.

Financially, you’ll regret buying bespoke suits if you decide that tailoring isn’t the best look for you. While you need to experiment to find your signature style, do so at the affordable end. Your signature could be lace-up shoes or punchy trainers. It’s the things you wear day in and day out.

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