Things to consider when choosing off the shoulder dresses

Things to consider when choosing off the shoulder dresses

Things to consider when choosing off the shoulder dresses

Things to consider when choosing off the shoulder dresses

The great thing about the off the shoulder dress is it allows you to show off your beautiful shoulders. It is a true ladies fashion staple that should be part of any woman’s wardrobe.

Idea for summer fashion it can also be worn as occasion dress all year round. Before rushing out and choosing any old off the shoulder dress there are a few things to consider.

From the cut to the colour, you want a dress that suits your style and look. Here a few simple things to consider when buying your off the shoulder dress.

For beautiful summer fashion dress there is nothing nicer than a smart off the shoulder midi dress. This allows for the dress to land high on the thigh area.

Suited to warm days, it allows you to show off a bit of leg. Paired with sandals or flats this chic finish can make any woman glimmer day or night.

The midi or maxi dress design offers great versatility. The midi dress falls just below you knee line while the maxi sits above your ankles.

Both of these designs are fab and can be worn respectively throughout the year. The
maxi off the shoulder dress is also a great way to air condition the body and keep it cool without showing off too much leg.

Things to consider when choosing off the shoulder dresses

Quiz – Navy Floral Dip Hem Dress from Debenhams Ireland

There are various off the shoulder dresses that come with a simple clean line that expands from shoulder to shoulder.

This design dress will show off your shoulders, chest, and your upper back area. This is perfect for those of you who prefer a clean and easy style which allows to be dresses up or down to suit the occasion.

If you choose a dress with a simple edge at the shoulders it sits flush against your shoulders. Another option is to opt for a dress with a basic edge that is still clean and plain.

Lace and ruffles are a great way to introduce fun into your off the shoulder dress look. These designs usually runs along the edges of the off the shoulder portion of the dress. This style allows for you to make more of statement with your dress finish.

A great example is here is that you may opt for a dress with ruffles along the edge of the shoulders and the bottom of the dress. Another way is to choose a design with lace trim on the shoulders. This offers a more romantic look and finish.

Some off the shoulder dresses are available in bold graphic and prints design with big and bright colouring. These are super fab for summer occasions like weddings or garden parties.

Neutral colouring like patterned greys whites, and silver allow for a more formal statement look. Vertical or horizontal stripes patterns or floral dress or geometric pattern offer a classy finish.

However, do remember that patterned off the shoulder dress are not as versatile as other designs. You will need to fuse this with understated accessories to ensure your fashion look is more polished and consolidated.

For those of you who like a dress that can be worn with a variety of accessories then solid colours like white, black or navy are a good choice. like black, blue, or white. However, if you want to be more bold and adventurous with your look, opt for solids in green, purple and reds.

This is very important when choosing that perfect off the shoulder ladies dress. If you are of tall build with a narrow and straight shaped body opt for a dress that is more roomier and less fitted

For you petite or pear shaped gals, stay away from any form of baggy design. You need your dress to look more fitted that lands at the knees or thigh area.

Those of you ladies who like to highlight your upper body and draw attention upwards , opt for an off the shoulder dress with pretty detailing or ruffles to the shoulders.