The ultimate guide on how to tie a shirt knot

The ultimate guide on how to tie a shirt knot

The ultimate guide on how to tie a shirt knot

Fit is everything when it comes to fashion but taking clothes to get altered can be a hassle. And with a pandemic going on, it is not an essential.

But that doesn’t mean you can’t get creative with some old oversized clothing.

Got an plain old t-shirt that is just a little bit too big? There’s a little style trick to spice it up. It’s important to note that the more stretch to the fabric, the easier it will be to tie it into a knot.

And feel free to play around with the placement of these styles. You can tie your knot in the centre, on the side, at the back, the front, where ever you like.

This knot is like a hybrid of a twist and a knot. It’s also an easy way to shorten t-shirts and give them a chic look since it still looks loose.

  • First, grab your t-shirt at the sides and shorten it at the back. Loosely twist the material at one side.
  • Finally, tuck the ends into your bottoms and adjust until you get the look you want.
The ultimate guide on how to tie a shirt knot

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This classic knot will transform your t-shirts into cute crop tops perfect for summer.

  • Your first step is to fold your t-shirt in the back.
  • Next, gather the leftover material at the front and twist the section until it forms into a spiral.
  • To finish, wrap this spiral around into a ball and pull the end piece through the middle.

We may not like to admit it but back sweat is real, people! Especially during the hot summer days. Folding up your tee at the back will allow your skin to breath. Additionally, you’ll also give your plain old t-shirt a twist.

  • To start, use your fingers to tuck the fabric under your back bra strap.
  • Next, continue tucking and folding the fabric under until you reach your desired look. It may take a few tries to get it even.
  • Finally, take the extra material at the front and knot at one side. Loosely tuck that section into your jeans.

Not feeling that extra fabric at the front of your shirt? That’s okay. Just switch it to the back. This trick will make a bulky t-shirt seem more form fitting and let you shorten the length.

  • First, fold the shirt up in the front to your desired length.
  • Next, gather the extra material at the back and start twisting until you create a spiral.
  • Then, wrap the fabric around the ball and pull the end piece through the middle.

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