The real reason why your hair products can stop working

The real reason why your hair products can stop working

The real reason why your hair products can stop working

You did it. You finally found a shampoo and conditioner combo that works for your hair. Congratulations. However, after a while, you notice that your hair feels like straw, you are in split end city and you’ve lost your shine.

What happened? Because your routine didn’t change, you may think that you’ve become immune to your haircare products. But is that actually a thing? Read on to find out.

In short…no you cannot. This is because your hair is not a living organism. It’s due to this face that it can’t knowingly become resistant to your haircare products. However, enough though your hair can’t develop immunity from your products, it can start to respond to them differently.

Your shampoo often contains ingredients like sulfates, silicones, waxes and polymers that can build up on your hair overtime. As a result, your hair loses its natural shine and add excess weight to your hair, causing you to lose volume.

But it’s important to note that a sudden change in how your hair feels can also be due to external factors. These include your diet, environment and styling choices. The place you live and the weather can have a huge impact due to air and water change.

The real reason why your hair products can stop working

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So, if you live by the ocean, you may not need as much water but may need a heat protectant. Water can have different levels of minerals so you should change your shampoo to fight things like chlorine – which can make your hair feel like straw – or copper – contributes to split ends.

Don’t panic. With a few simple tricks, you can reset your hair and get your shine back. First, get a shampoo that focuses solely on cleansing. This means going sulfate and silicone-free as it is gentler and leaves no dirt behind on your scalp.

Another tip that might save your hair. Let it get a little greasy. Do a no-shampoo challenge for a week and let your hair return to its natural state. For one week, only wash your hair with water, use your fingertips to exfoliate and apply conditioner to your ends.

Once your ‘detox’ is finished, assess what your hair needs and pick a shampoo based on what your hair is craving – moisture or volume.

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