The best shorts to go with your body shape

The best shorts to go with your body shape

The best shorts to go with your body shape

The best shorts to go with your body shape. Shorts are a summer staple. Provided we get the right weather. And while we cannot control the elements, we can choose the right shorts that go with our body shape. But how do you know the right ones to go for? Don’t worry! Keep on scrolling for our quick run down  to finding the best shorts to go with your body shape.

Ah, shorts with a mid-length. These are the shorts that will flatter just about any body shape out there. They go by different names. Walk shorts, day shorts. Classic shorts, etc. But they usually have an inseam of about 7 to 8 inches.

If you feel self-conscious about your thighs or derriere, get yourself some slimming, leg-lengthening Bermuda shorts. You can easily cover problem areas with shorts that hit the knee and are slightly high-waisted.

Although knee length shorts can make short legs look shorter, you can balance this out by wearing a pair of wedges. Also, look for slim-cut shorts to give your legs a longer and slimmer look.

Got short legs? Want to give them some much needed length? Of course, you do! Try rocking a pair of short shorts. A 5-inch inseam is a great place to start. Any shorter than that and you run the risk of showing off a little too much.

If you’ve got loads of curves, Bermuda shorts will look divine on you. This longer cut short is the most forgiving but curvy girls aren’t the only ones who look great in this style.

These almost knee length shorts are dressy and perfect for shopping, travel and even the office if your workplace allows them. Don’t forget to pop on a pair of wedges for a leg-lengthening look.

If you’re naturally tall and thin, go with shorts that have cuffs or a roll up feature. And with your long legs, you can rock a shorter inseam without looking too scandalous. And if you want your thin legs to look curvier, it’s another reason to love your roll up shorts.

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