The best men’s fashion style tips to take from the 1920s

The best men’s fashion style tips to take from the 1920s

The best men’s fashion style tips to take from the 1920s

There are very few shows out there that make an impact when it comes to menswear. But thanks to Peaky Blinders, the 20s are well and truly back.

As we make our way through 2020, we are seeing all the shapes and exuberance of that era making a comeback, from double-breasted jackets to high-waisted trousers.

If you want to take your wardrobe back to the Roaring Twenties, read on for out tips.

The first rule of having a blazer fit for the 1920s – make sure it’s double breasted. It should be buttoned fairly low to accentuate the casual slouch. The lapels should be just brushing the shoulder.

High-waisted trousers are synonymous with the style of the 1920s. Pleated, fuller-cut trousers were more comfortable than the side-creased, flat fronted style they replaced in the ‘20s. as a result, there was a sense of modernity to them.

Under high-waisted trousers and double-breasted blazers, not much of the shirt was visible and so it had to stand out.

To get a true ‘20s look, go for a pin-collar shirt. These grew in popularity and made your tie pop. The same went for club-collars with contrast bodies. These enabled you to add some more patterns into your outfit.

Forget about subtleties. The ties of the ‘20s made a bold statement. Art Deco inspired patterns were everywhere. As a result, paisley ties made their first appearance along with graphics and plaids.

Forget about your statement trainers. They won’t cut it here. To fully capture a ‘20s outfit, you need to wear a solid shoe or boot. To add some flair to your look, wear some tasseled loafers or two-toned Art Deco inspired Oxfords. Alternatively, you can invest in some heavily ingrained, chunky soled Derbies or a pair of leather boots.

And I don’t mean one for your wrist. No self-respecting three-piece suit in the 1920s was seen without a watch chain dangling from the waistcoat. Pulling out a pocket watch will make you look a lot classier than fumbling over your phone, for instance.

There’s a lot of accessories inspired by the 20s. think cufflinks, tie pins and braces. As a result of these stylish accessories, the ’20s were a very fashionable era. If you want to go all out with your 1920’s outfit, a fedora never goes amiss.

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