Taboo menswear pieces you should try wearing

Taboo menswear pieces you should try wearing

Taboo menswear pieces you should try wearing

The fashion world is known for breaking their own rules. This acceptability ebb and flow has seen a resurgence of trends that everyone thought were forgotten. Here are just some taboo menswear pieces that you should try adding to your wardrobe.

This city boy’s pattern was not always taboo. Once favoured by menswear legends Cary Grant and Clark Gable, the adoption of the pinstripe by bankers in the 80s is what killed the trend.

Now, pinstripes have been revived by designers like Ralph Lauren as well as across the high street. To rock this trend today, apply it to dress-down pieces like drawstring trousers. just remember to keep the rest of your outfit muted.

Taboo menswear pieces you should try wearing

Tapered Fit Corduroy Chinos from Tommy Hilfiger

Largely thanks to the resurgence of 70s style, men’s corduroy has made a huge comeback. However, if worn incorrectly, you could end up looking like your old secondary geography teacher. Try it on from shirts to men’s jackets to even baseball caps. Just don’t wear it all at once.

This is a trend that made a comeback a few summer ago. But the fact that they are still going strong have earned them a place on this list. Much like sandals, floral shirts have had to overcome association with femininity before they bloomed into menswear. If you are not ready to fully embrace the flowers, go for a more subdued pattern on a dark background.

Let’s face it. No one on this earth expected that one day, bumbags would be in style. And yet, here we are. Often named cross-body bags, these dorky accessories have received style approval from Jared Leto and A$AP Rocky.

And why have they become suddenly popular? Practicality. Sling on across your chest or waist and carry your essentials around without weighing down your pockets.

Taboo menswear pieces you should try wearing

Classic Short Sleeve Shirt from Tommy Hilfiger

Wearing a short-sleeve shirt with a pair of chinos was once seen as a fashion faux pas at one time. But in the words of Bob Dylan ‘the times they are a changing’.

In recent times, bicep skimming sleeves have dominated the high streets and menswear fashion. When rocking this trend, however, you need to get the fit right. Too tight and you will look like an overstuffed sausage. Too loose and your body shape will be lost in excess fabric. And that is not a good look on anyone.

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