Stylish ways to wear men’s skinny jeans in 2021

Stylish ways to wear men’s skinny jeans in 2021

Stylish ways to wear men’s skinny jeans in 2021

Skinny jeans to men are like marmite, your either love them or hate them. Unlike regular style jeans, skinny jeans do exactly what they say on the tin and stick close to the shape of your legs.

Unlike regular straight leg or relaxed men’s jeans, skinnies can flatter your body shape below the waist. This is all on the basis that you choose a style that compliments your legs and shape..

Here at Men’s fashion Ireland, we are going to look at 3 easy ways to style men’s skinny jeans for the year ahead. From colour to design and fit, skinny jeans can be worn today with pride. It’s how you wear them that really matters.

Skinny jeans or slim-fit pants come in a comfortable fit to the leg with a small leg opening. This can range from anything between 8-20 inches in circumference all depending on the individual size of the jeans themselves. Like most jeans they can come with a studded button or zipper / button finish close.

I know this is a given for most stylish men but you will be surprised how many guys choose skinny jeans based on looks opposed to actual fit. Skinny jeans should never feel uncomfortable when on.

They should snuggle the calves and thighs beautifully. Yes they may look great on a model but remember that every body size is different and your is too. For those of you guys who area slender build, opt for a more relaxed it pair of skinnies.

Stylish ways to wear men’s skinny jeans in 2021

Men’s Skinny Jeans with stretch

If you are more a solid build then choose a more fitted finish but never skin tight. Remember, you want to be able to move comfortably in your skinny jeans without too much restriction.

The ripped or distressed skinny jeans look has been knocking about now for the past few years with no sign of going away. They can make any skinny jeans look interesting but it’s all down to the design of the jeans themselves.

Blue denim shades are always a popular choice but shade or burgundy or khaki can add something different to your day or night look.

Don’t be scared to experiment with different textures or denim. Soft or light material denim can be very complimentary for slender toned guys.

The one thing to remember that any skinny jeans look should at most be reserved up to smart casual wear. Yep, skinnies are not really accepted as any part of any type of formal dress wear for fells. In saying that, they can be still styled perfectly as smart casual or casual fashion wear.

One of the great things about skinnies is they can be fused effortlessly with a nice hoodie or tee (depending on the season) and capped off with a clean sharp pair of white sneakers.

Moving up to something more smarter, a crisp plain button up shirt or even polo shirt is suffice and stylish when fused with a pair of snug fitting skinny jeans.

When styling any skinny always remember that size does matter. They are not always suited to heavy fells out there. Ensure to balance and co-ordinate your colours well.

They are skinny pants and any type of bulky clothing above the waist will disproportionate your overall fashion finish look.

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