Stylish outfit ideas to wear when working from home

Stylish outfit ideas to wear when working from home

Stylish outfit ideas to wear when working from home

Ok, so we may be coming out of lockdown, but some of us are still working from home. And we want to look and feel stylish.

Gravitating towards sweats and hoodies is normal during this time – and don’t let anyone make you feel guilty about it. We do recommend that you at least change out of whatever you slept in. This will trick your brain and make you feel better.

Read on for some stylish outfit ideas that you can rock as you WFH.

Stylish outfit ideas to wear when working from home

Green camo printed chest pocket T-shirt from River Island

If you have not heard of the athleisure fashion trend, we can only assume that you live under a rock. Athleisure is made to wear anytime, not just working out. It makes you feel active, like you have your life together and is very model off duty. Play around with some colourful pieces to get out of a style rut and brighten up your day.

God, don’t we love an oversized hoodie. They are the clothing equivalent of a big warm hug and a great replacement to your SO’s hoodie.

You can make this trend look fashionable with leggings, jeans, sweat shorts or go solo. Think an average plain hoodie is a little boring? There are numerous graphic ones out there to match your style.

If you are not feeling the oversized look and want a more everyday style, we got you. Cropped tees and hoodies are a great option and look stylish and chic.

This is a look that allows you to play around with colours – neutral or statement – and accessories. And to complete your look. Stick with jeans and joggers. It’s a match made in heaven.

Stylish outfit ideas to wear when working from home

White organza sleeve shirred sweatshirt from River Island

If you are going to be rocking loungewear all day, at least make them cute. Matching sets are now a big thing and have become the unofficial uniform of lockdown. Sets are easy, versatile and give you a complete look with minimal effort.

We are calling this ‘Social Media Star’ because we have seen everyone wear this style all over Insta, Pinterest and other platforms. We are of course talking about the classic sweats and a crop top.

It’s the ideal mix of oversized and fitted, comfy and put together. It’s one look that is bang on trend. You can dress it up or down. Or switch out different pieces and neutrals. Just remember accessories are important. They are the difference between ‘I’m wearing what I slept in’ and ‘I know fashion.’

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