Simple ways to avoid a visible panty line

Simple ways to avoid a visible panty line

Simple ways to avoid a visible panty line

Simple ways to avoid a visible panty line. Regardless how good your choice of outfit is, you always run the risk of spoiling your look with that dreaded visible panty line.

The VPL as it’s more commonly known can destroy even the best fashion look making your outfit look tacky. OK, you always have the choice to go commando but this is not really a choice any of ladies relish or even willing to risk.

Pants or knickers offer a sense of security and comfort to all women as it can negate any embarrassing Marilyn Munroe moments.

Thankfully the clever design of underwear today offers us all much choice in what to choose to wear under our fashion garments. We all seek comfort and the guarantee that whatever happens that our modesty will be protected.

We have put together some simple ideas on how you can avoid that VPL and allow you to show off your clothing with comment or remarks about your undies.

As we all know, the thinner the material in our choice of clothing, the more likely it’s going to be to cover that VPL.. Silks and other lightweight clothing are the more materials that present us with this problem.  Thicker material in your choice of clothing will hide your underwear underneath.

Prints are always a great choice of disguising VPL’s. Bold or symmetrical patterns are a great choice in hiding those embarrassing lines.

Ok it’s not ideal especially in the warmer months where you want to show off your tan. However, smooth transparent tights are more than capable in camouflaging any knicker line. Just make sure your choice matches your outfit.

Believe me, retro does work. Here is a tip got you. Run both the skirt and the slip through a wire hanger a few times before you put them on to prevent any annoying static electricity. The slip may be old style but its reliable and does work.

Thongs are thin and most the times invisible. Of you choice of clothing has open side bars where there is a possibility of your underwear showing, try a stick on thong.

These come in various styles are even washable and reusable. Because they don’t have a waistband they are hardly noticeable.

We love boy shorts because they slide right under the curve of the bum cheek opposed to cutting across it. A delicate lace hem is super and less inconspicuous.

Good shapewear is important to any gal, especially the older you get. It’s fab for creating a smooth line under your clothes. You don’t have to go for anything that is tight as that can be uncomfortable.

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