Simple makeup tips that help you look younger

Simple makeup tips that help you look younger

Simple makeup tips that help you look younger

We know that you have nothing to hide and plenty of beauty to accentuate. However, there are some makeup techniques that can make you look older.

Here at Makeup & Beauty Tips Ireland we will show you how to apply makeup to achieve flawless and youthful looking skin.

The shape of your brows can make all the difference to your face. And the right tools can go a long way. You want to achieve a look that is well groomed without being razor thin. And do not do a ‘disappearing tails’ effect. This will cause your eyes to appear droopy and tired.

Instead, just use concealer and brow products to fake the look of fuller brows.

Going heavy on your face powder can accentuate your fine lines and wrinkles instead of concealing them. instead, choose a lightweight liquid foundation and only apply a light layer of powder to the areas you need.

Tired and red eyes will always age you. But highlighting your inner corners can help to draw attention away from dark circles and fine lines. Just take your favourite highlighter and apply a tiny bit in your inner corner and under your brow bone.

A little concealer can work wonders for brighten your complexion. However, you can overdo it if you are not careful. And, by overdoing it, you can draw attention to your blemishes or fine lines.

Be sure to only apply a light layer of concealer under your eyes and blend well.

Simple makeup tips that help you look younger

NTX Butter Gloss

Far from a relic of our teenage years, a touch of gloss on your lips can give your pout a youthful and full appearance. And just because it’s lip gloss, it doesn’t mean it will stick to your hair on a windy day. You can believe us when we say that lip gloss formulas have come a long way in recent years.

Believe it or not, but your neck usually shows the first signs of ageing before your face will. That’s because many people tend to forget about their next when it comes to skincare.

A touch of foundation or concealer can cover up any pigmentation or dark spots. And don’t forget to apply sunscreen.

The next time you apply your blush, use an angled brush to lift the colour upwards towards your temple. This will prevent the drooping effect you get when your blush is applied too low. Not only that, it will help to elongate your face, making you look slimmer.

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