Scalp Micropigmentation

Scalp Micropigmentation

Hair loss is a common problem found in men, from youths to adults and especially the elderly. Interestingly, you would also find that it is becoming alarmingly common among women too, regardless of their age. 

Hair loss can occur due to a couple of reasons, although it is mainly attributed to hereditary reasons. Despite the prevalence of this issue, most people find it burdensome, saddening, and downright embarrassing. This can be because hair loss changes one’s looks that make them look older or even as if they are suffering from a disease. 

Although there may not be preventive measures that can be taken against losing hair, there are many different solutions that can be used to combat it and get you looking even better than before. One of such solutions is Scalp Micropigmentation.

What is Scalp Micropigmentation?

Scalp Micropigmentation is simply a modern, innovative hair replacement method that gives the illusion of thicker, fuller hair by applying pigment into the scalp. Simply put, it is just like tattooing your scalp to create the impression that there is actual hair growing in the bald patches. 

Well-trained practitioners apply a properly prepared formula of ink to the scalp using micro-fine needles. The illusion of hair is created using the pointillism method. The Scalp Micropigmentation practitioner uses different micro-needles, penetrating the scalp from different angles, depths, and distribution rates to give a natural-looking, fuller hair illusion at the final results. 

The micro-needles’ penetration does not go as deeply as other hair replacement techniques, so you have nothing to fear. The ink used for the coloring is also a mix of different shades so that it rhymes with your natural hair color. This ink also does not fade or wash off easily.

Essentially, scalp micropigmentation gives your hair a thicker appearance, gives you a defined hairline, and even hides patches or scars that may have hitherto been visible through your hair.

FAQs about Scalp Micropigmentation

Does it hurt?

Since the procedure involves pricking of sensitive areas of the skin, it is only fair for many intending patients to ask this. The truth is, most patients experience only mild discomfort during the process. It becomes more tolerable after a while, and they naturally adjust. It not only hurts less than a regular tattoo, but it also hurts less than a hair transplant.

What are the side effects? 

This process is quite seamless, and there are usually no side effects. As usual, skin reactions often vary from patient to patient. If you have any skin-related allergies, be sure to inform your practitioner. Also, you may expect a red coloration and some tiny scabs on the patch of skin that was worked on. This will fade away over time as your skin starts to heal.

How long does this procedure take?

Scalp Micropigmentation takes a shorter time for a procedure than other hair transplant methods. A session can take up to 2-4 hours, depending on how much hair loss the practitioner needs to work on. You may also have to schedule up to 2 or 3 more visits to complete treatment. These are generally spaced about 10-20 days apart.

How long does it take to recover?

This also varies between patients, and it may be difficult to say exactly when recovery may occur for everyone. However, patients are able to resume at work a day after the procedure. 

Who can use this procedure?

Scalp micropigmentation works for both men and women. Whether it is for pattern baldness, alopecia, or any other hair loss problem, this treatment works just fine. 

Can I do a Hair Transplant after this?

The two types of hair replacement methods do not interfere with each other. A hair transplant can be done on a scalp that has micropigmentation. In fact, such scalps help to give the hair a fuller look, which also works to your advantage. If you decide to go for a hair transplant after you have done a scalp micropigmentation, you would not have any issues.

What are the possible disadvantages?

It may be quite difficult for men to change looks over time because, just like a tattoo, Scalp Micropigmentation is permanent. Generally, sun rays may cause the pigmented spots to fade away faster and so may require patients to have return visits frequently.

What does a treatment cost?

There is no fixed price for this procedure. It often depends on the extent of hair loss to be treated and also the practitioner. You may request an estimated price for your treatment to see if it fits in your budget.


You can make hair loss troubles the least of your problems with a good hair replacement procedure. With scalp micropigmentation, you get fuller-looking hair on your head, and your good looks back in no time. All you need is a trustworthy and reliable practitioner to do a great job. 

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