Ralph Lauren launch new Polo Pride fashion collection

Ralph Lauren launch new Polo Pride fashion collection

Ralph Lauren launch new Polo Pride fashion collection

American fashion house, Ralph Lauren is set to celebrate Pride month with the launch of their new fashion collection. The new fashion capsule is part of their collaboration with the Stonewall Community Foundation.

Ralph Lauren who are synonymous for their polo riding jockey logo have named their new collection Polo Pride. The fashion line-up includes a selection 10 gender-neutral pieces for adults and children.

The US fashion company which was founded back in 1967 by Ralph Lauren are today one the world’s most famous fashion brands who service the mid- range to medium luxury fashion sector.

A percentage from the sale of each item will go to the global organisation of the LGBTQIA+ who provide help to the Stonewall Community Foundation.

The SCF (Stonewall Community Foundation) are responsible for lending support to vulnerable people within the community who experience trauma and help transgender, gender non-conforming, and non-binary people.

In a media statement released by David Lauren, who is Ralph Lauren’s chief innovation officer, he said
“Pride is another way for us to prove that love transcends all borders, and that by standing together with the LGBTQIA+ community, the Black Community and their allies, we can send a message of solidarity to the world,”

The Polo Pride collection features the Ralph Lauren iconic “Polo Pony” logo retails for €129.00 and includes their reimagined logo in rainbow colours.

Other fashion items include a polo shirt, a graphic a tee, a tank top, a sweatshirt and a flag sweater, along with accessories such as a fanny pack, baseball cap, water bottle, socks, and a dog polo.

The SCF will receive 100% of the purchase price from the sale of each polo shirt and dog polo shirt, 25% from the sale of each of their graphic tees, sweatshirt, flag sweater, fanny pack, baseball cap, and socks sold will also go to the Stonewall Community Foundation. The new Polo Pride collection is now available to buy on-line at www.ralphlauren.com.

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